Pattern Mixing: Polka Dots

by Oddlilbean

I've done a couple other posts on pattern mixing with florals and stripes, so I figured why not do one on polka dots because who doesn't like to live life a little dangerously. Though to be honest a lot of this will be similar to what I've discussed in my previous write ups involving contrast and having an element to tie to the patterns together. Regardless, I've posted three distinct outfits below that each approach pattern mixing with polka dots in different ways.

This outfit is pretty par for the course on how I typically approach pattern mixing. The two patterns are tied together with the light pink color in the polka dots, and they also have distinct contrast between the two with how organic the jacket's pattern is and how structured and geometric the polka dots are. Having the element to bring them together creates visual unity and the contrast creates visual interest.

From there, the rest of my styling choices all tie back to the two patterns to help bring it all together. I have the necklace which is a color found in both patterns, the shoes which are a color form the dress, and the scarf which is a color form the jacket.

I made the jacket from a McCall pattern, and everything else is thrifted from Goodwill and thriftstores!

With this one, I posted the close up first since the pattern on the top is extremely hard to see since it's monochrome and more of a texture.

The element tying these two patterns together is a little less straightforward. Both are extremely subtle, low-contrast monochromatic patterns to the point where it's almost like wearing two solid colored pieces of clothing together. This is a nice approach to pattern mixing if you don't want a "loud" outfit but still want to add a little drama to your outfit.

The clothes all came from Goodwill and the earrings are vintage flea market finds!

And back to the crazy patterns because I just can't help myself! This is definitely not an outfit for everyone, and this is definitely pushing the envelope of pattern mixing by leaning heavily on high contrast between the two patterns and very little to unite them together. They are very loosely tied together with the color green, but I'm really relying on my styling choices to make this outfit work by having my jewelry and makeup match more of the skirt (really a dress) rather than the sweater. Sometimes making two patterns work together is less about whether or not they actually go together and more about what you surround them with.

The sweater, shoes, and earrings all came from thrift stores, I made the dress, and the necklace came from a rock shop in Hilton Head from when I was like 10, so I can't remember any specifics.

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