Scandi Minimalist Fashion Tutorial: 6 Chic, Comfy & Cool Outfits

Scandinavian style is all about that comfortable feel with a relaxed but cool vibe. Here Giedre is going to show you how to very easily create Scandinavian style-inspired, minimalist aesthetic outfits. She will give you tips along the way about how to achieve this sought-after look.

Scandinavian minimalism fashion

1. Chilled vibes

In our before picture, the model has a simple, plain look. Let’s give this outfit that laid-back vibe!

Giedre transformed the look by switching out the long-sleeved black top for a white t-shirt to create a more chilled-out feel. A classic coat is a must as it elevates the t-shirt, creating a street-style vibe. The sneakers simplify the pleated, ladylike skirt and add a relaxed finish.

Scandi minimalist fashion

2. Elevation & sophistication

The loose-fit, detailed shirt with the trendy ties on the arms elevates the ordinary look of a classic shirt. The loafers and structured bag add a sophisticated element to this look.

Cute and comfortable outfits

3. Formal to informal

In the before look, the model looks rather formal and a bit stiff. Giedre transformed the look by adding a long shirt and slip-on shoes to create a laid-back vibe. The loose-fitting minimalistic blazer and structured bag complement the casual yet sophisticated look.

Minimalist aesthetic outfits

4. Finding balance

An oversized top in one color balances out the girly frills of the design. Giedre also rolled up the pants to reveal the ankles, which adds a bit of definition to a loose outfit.

Simple chic fashion

5. Neutral color palette

In the before look, the model's outfit had too many colors and details. Giedre transformed the look by sticking to a neutral color palette with a few details in the way of the studs on the bag and scarf. The leather jacket and structured bag add a sophisticated element to this look.

Scandinavian style

6. Classic, relaxed chic

The cropped top and sneakers create a laid-back vibe that is perfect for wearing when going out in the city. A classic coat and structured bag add a sophisticated element to this look which is important because even when you’re dressing in a relaxed way, you want to ensure that you maintain a chic and polished edge.

Scandi minimalist fashion

Giedre hopes that you’ve found these tips for how to create a minimalist aesthetic outfit helpful, and you can implement some of them in your own looks. The most important thing is to be mindful when putting different pieces together of what vibe you’re trying to create. 

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