6 Simple Winter to Spring Outfits For the Changing Seasons

Spring has arrived, so make sure you enter the new season in style! In this style guide, Giedre is going to show you some winter to spring outfits. We will look at how to transform your outfits from winter-appropriate to spring-appropriate by using lighter colors, fabrics, and accessories.

Here, Giedre will be styling these before and after looks on a model using pieces from the model’s wardrobe.

Early spring style

1. Black to brown

This all-black outfit in the ‘before’ look is a bit too heavy and dull for spring so let’s add some color.

Giedre remade the look by switching out the model’s loose pants for a bronze maxi skirt in a lighter material, which adds some color and flow to the look.

She also swapped the long sweater for one in a similar style but a bit shorter, thus still retaining the aesthetic of the outfit. The side slits of the sweater add movement and create a playful vibe.

Finally, Giedre added a floral scarf and a pendant necklace. The scarf adds lighter tones and ties all of the colors in the outfit together. 

Spring chic outfit

2. Heavy to light

Next up, the model started off with an elegant and cozy look: a furry textured cardigan and a wide-brim hat.

As the vest is a bit heavy for spring, Giedre changed it to one in a lighter fabric vest to get a lighter look.

She added a scarf that ties in the colors of the outfit, pearl earrings, and a shimmery belt to create a playful but sophisticated vibe. 

Chilly spring outfits

3. Dark to light

A wool cardigan can keep you warm in the winter or spring. In this before and after, Giedre changed the black skirt to white floaty pants that make this outfit look fresh in an instant.

Just changing one piece of an outfit can alter the whole look. A long pearl necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

Cold spring outfit ideas

4. Closed to open

A dark color palette is cozy but leave it for the colder season. Let’s add some lighter colors for sunny days!

Here, the model is wearing a long dress that has buttons on the sides that can be buttoned up or undone. Unbuttoning the slits on the sides makes the outfit more open and flowy, combined with the light fabric pants underneath in a loose fit.

The necklace and belt add a creative personal touch.

Spring outfits for cool weather

5. Thick to thin

In this before look, the model started off with furry fabric and a dark color palette, which is cozy for colder days. Let’s add some lighter color!

Giedre first switched out the furry jacket for a white one in a lighter material. The vertical jacket’s lines, together with the length of the skirt, flatter the model’s body shape.

Giedre then switched the thick belt to a thinner one, plus a necklace that adds an elegant personal touch.

Styling winter to spring outfits

6. Long sleeve to short sleeve

The model started off with a cozy monochromatic outfit in this final look. As the wool sweater is too heavy for spring, let’s incorporate lighter textures.

Here Giedre changed the sweater for a shirt dress that flatters the model’s body shape, the buttons going down the middle elongate her look and create the illusion of added height.

In addition, the cuffed sleeves create a light and fresh look perfect for spring.

Styling winter to spring outfits

Giedre hopes that these before and after winter to spring outfits have given you some style inspiration.

When putting together a look for spring, you don’t have to rule out pieces from your winter closet. Keeping the essence of a winter outfit the same and switching out a few pieces for lighter colors and fabrics is all you need to do!

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