Styling Neutrals for Spring

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

I've just come back from Iceland and somehow England is colder, but it's definitely time to start thinking about Spring fashion for 2023. Even if it's not warm yet, it's always a good idea to plan transitional outfits.

Here's some tips to get the most out of the neutral pieces you already own and style them up for Spring.

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and dig out your trench coat. My Burberry trench coat ( similar linked here) is in this versatile sand colour which works well with all other colours in my wardrobe. My favourite way to style it is with the other brown tones in my wardrobe such as in the photo above.

When styling similar colours together it is tempting to try to match them perfectly, but as you can see, mixing the lighter sand colour with the warmer camel tones adds texture and interest to the overall look.

I've styled the trench coat differently here by adding black pieces because most of you will have black tops and accessories in your wardrobe. I have heard that you shouldn't pair black and brown together but personally I think it's a really lovely colour combination.

When styling neutrals, no matter the season, remember the 'sandwich' rule: matching colours at the top and bottom of your outfit and a different colour in the middle. Here, the vest top and shoes are black, keeping the outfit balanced.

One way to update your neutral outfits for Spring without spending any money is to match cooler tones with cooler tones. In the above outfit for my trip to London, I wore my favourite Spring colour, white, and paired it with cool grey boots from Tory Burch and my gorgeous light camel skirt from Pretty Affluent.

If you're a tights-lover like me, a pair of white lacy tights is the perfect neutral piece to add to your Spring wardrobe.

You can see how different a white jumper and tights look when paired with a darker skirt. In this look, I was actually channelling Rachel in the earlier seasons of Friends, when she dressed very preppy. This is a really fun way to get creative with your wardrobe for a new season, by looking for outfits that inspire you on Pinterest and recreating them with items you already own. By avoiding buying new stuff, you will come up with something that is inspired by the original outfit, not just copying it.

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