6 Cute Summer Hairstyles That Are Super-Simple to Do

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make 6 cute summer hairstyles that are really simple to achieve. For all of these summer hairstyles, I started with my hair waved into 1-inch curls with a curling wand. These hair hacks for summer will make you look stunning without a lot of work, and you’ll be sure to turn heads. So, let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Assorted hair elastics
  • Hair pins
  • Decorative hair accessories
  • Comb
Summer hair hacks

1. Side topsy-tail

Make a loose ponytail from a small section of hair on the side of your head. Then flip the bottom of the ponytail through the top loop, passing it over the hair elastic. Tighten up your ponytail flip and pinch out the hair above it to add some volume.

Repeat this ponytail flip with a section of hair in front of your previous flip.

Side topsy-tail summer hairstyle

Now you have lots of choices! You can leave the flips as is, or pin them together with a decorative hair clip. You can leave the front section of your hair loose, or incorporate into the flips if you prefer not having hair around your face.

How to do connecting ponytails

2. Connecting ponytails

Working on the side of your head with less hair from your part line, make a small ponytail from a small section of hair at the front. Secure that with a tiny hair elastic.

Now take another small section just behind your first one, add your first ponytail to it, and secure it all in a new ponytail.

Continue until you have gathered four sections together, or go even further if you want.

Hair hacks for summer

Pull out the middle sections a bit to create a bauble, and loosen your hair above the ponytail holders a bit, to create some volume.

This is a perfect style for opening up your face on one side.

Doing a high half-ponytail

3. Double topsy-tail

Start this hairstyle by making a high half-ponytail at the back of your head.

Clipping the ponytail at the top of the head

Clip that ponytail to the top of your head to keep it out of the way.

Tying a second ponytail

Make another ponytail with a section of hair directly below your half-ponytail.

Double topsy-tail summer hairstyle

Now use your top ponytail to make a topsy-tail with the bottom one. Bring the top one down over the bottom one, twist it twice, and then feed the bottom ponytail through the loop of the top one.

Framing the face with hair strands

Pinch out your hair at the top of your head for volume, and release some strands at the side to frame your face.

How to do a topsy bun

4. Topsy bun

Start with the same high half-ponytail you made in summer hairstyle #3. Now, instead of making a second small ponytail underneath, make a small bun. 

Feeding the top of the ponytail through the bun

Feed the top ponytail through the bun and tighten it up.

Topsy bun hairstyle

This is such an elegant look! Pinch some hair up at the front top of your head to get some volume and balance.

Summer hair ideas

5. French twist hack

Make a high, loose ponytail at the back of your head.

Summer 2022 hair trends

Feed the ponytail through the center of your hair at the back and tighten it up.

Secure the loose end of the ponytail with a hair elastic.

Tucking in the ends of the ponytail

Now tuck in the end of your ponytail and secure it with some hair pins.

French twist summer hairstyle

Here is how the finished French twist hack looks.

Framing the hair

Take the look up a notch by releasing some strands of hair around your face and adding a decorative hair accessory to the French twist.

How to do top topsy-tails

6. Top topsy-tails

This is a great hairstyle for days when you want to leave your hair down but still keep it out of your face.

Pull a small section of hair from the center front of your head into a ponytail and topsy-tail it.

Top topsy-tails

Pull another section, directly behind the first one, incorporate the end of the first topsy-tail into the second section and topsy-tail that new section.

Continue adding new sections and topsy-tailing it with the previous sections, as many times as you want.

Backcombing hair for volume

You can balance the volume at the top of your head by backcombing and then smoothing out the hair at the sides.

Summer hairstyles

Summer hairstyles

I hope you try some of these summer hair hacks and love them as much as I do. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how you liked this tutorial.

Suggested materials:
  • Assorted hair elastics
  • Hair pins
  • Decorative hair accessories
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