12 Chic and Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

by Jcurlstyle
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Are you looking for casual, easy summer outfits without breaking the bank? I styled 12 chic outfits from wardrobe staples you probably already own.

I’ve kept my jewelry simple for these looks. A gold watch and gold hoop earrings go with almost anything.

Let’s see how many ways we can combine them!

Summer outfit idea

1. Cotton pants and tank top

I styled cropped, loose fit beige cotton pants with a toning peach tank top and a knotted belt.

Slides, sunglasses and a straw purse complete the look.

Summer outfit idea

2. Old money outfit

The same pants with black accessories elevate the look from casual to classy. I swapped the belt and tank top for black versions and added low heeled black mules.

Throw a cream or off white sweater over your shoulders and add a smart black clutch purse.

Summer outfit idea

3. Black styled for summer

For this look I started with tailored black shorts and a light colored sleeveless bodysuit.

A loose black shirt makes a summer jacket. My shoes are flat black sandals and I’m carrying my straw purse.

Summer outfit idea

4. Black shorts outfit

I swapped out the body suit for a loose white sleeveless t-shirt tucked into the same shorts.

This outfit is as cool and casual as it gets! All it needs to complete it is a pair of white sneakers and a black crossbody bag to match my black sunglasses.

Summer outfit idea

5. Black and white outfit

I started with the black version of the same sleeveless t-shirt as before, tucked into white tailored shorts.

I added my black sandals from an earlier look and a black designer purse and swapped my sunglasses for a gold framed pair.

Summer outfit idea

6. Linen shorts suit

Take the same base outfit and change accessories for a completely different look.

Slip a wide black belt through those shorts and swap out the sandals for a pair of white, high-heeled pumps.

Throw a white linen jacket or blazer over your shoulders and grab a smart black purse. 

Lunch in the city, anyone?

Summer outfit idea

7. Holiday outfit

Tuck a loose, white short sleeved shirt into a pair of casual white linen shorts.

Keep it simple with a pair of slides and a white purse with gold trim.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Summer outfit idea

8. Shorts outfit with bucket hat

Stay with the shirt and shorts from the previous look.

Pop on a designer bucket hat in black and the crossbody bag.

Swap out the slides for black sandals, and you’re good to go sightseeing.

Summer outfit idea

9. Black linen pants and shirt

Yes it’s the same shirt, but this time I styled it with black linen pants.

A baseball cap is fun and shades your eyes and a white and gold purse adds the finishing touch.

Summer outfit idea

10. Midi linen dress

This is where you get to wear that cool midi length button through linen dress.

Roll up the sleeves and use an elastic belt to add some shape.

Those slides get another airing, as does the straw purse.

Add a pair of designer sunglasses and your casual dress is now cool and elegant for a shopping trip into town.

Summer outfit idea

11. Silk skirt and vest

Now we’re going for a very elegant and classy day to evening look.

A midi length silk skirt in off white pairs beautifully with a sleeveless black vest.

Your black sandals and a large black tote are all you need for the daytime look.

Slip a pair of smart heels and a small clutch purse inside that tote and you can go straight out on your date.

Summer outfit idea

12. Silk skirt and sneakers

Wear that silk skirt in an unexpected way.

Add a sleeveless designer top in white and a loose white shirt as a jacket.

My sneakers are designer, but any white ones would do the trick. And my straw purse completes the look.

Summer outfit ideas

A black and white capsule wardrobe of separates can be combined in so many ways for summer.

I’ve shown you 12 ways to wear them, but I’m sure you can come up with more. Never be afraid to experiment.

Good accessories make all the difference and are a great investment. You can switch a look from casual to classy just by changing your shoes and purse. 

I’d love to know in the comments below which is your favorite look.

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