What to Wear to the Beach - 3 Simple Summer Beach Outfits

Today, I'll show you what to wear to the beach with three simple summer outfits. In addition to looking cute, a beach outfit needs to be lightweight and loose to keep you cool and comfortable in the sun and sand. So follow along with my lookbook for some great summer fashion ideas.

To keep things super simple, I am wearing the same swimsuit, shoes, and necklaces with each of these outfits, as well as using the same wicker tote.

Simple tan sandals on the sand

Wicker tote bag for the beach

Black crisscross bathing suit with necklaces

White high-waisted shorts

1. High-waisted shorts

For this outfit, I thought a pair of high-waisted shorts would look super cute with my crisscrossed bathing suit. They’re breezy, comfortable, and easy to throw on even if you’ve just been in the water and you’re still a little damp.

Tighter shorts might be difficult to wiggle back into, but these are wide and loose and just perfect for the beach. 

Aviator sunglasses and leopard-print headband

To accessorize, I chose a pair of brown aviator sunglasses and topped it all off with a leopard-print headband, which was great for adding some color, but was also a very practical way to keep hair out of my face.  

What to wear to the beach

Here's the full beach look

Tied button-down shirt over a bathing suit

2. Tied button-down shirt

For a slightly more covered-up look, I chose a pair of high-waisted linen trousers and a button-down top to wear over my swimsuit. I left the top unbuttoned and just tied the tails in front, which gives the look a casual, beachy vibe.

Cuffed high-waisted trousers and wicker bag

I also cuffed the bottom of the trousers just to style them up a bit. This also keeps them out of the water if I go paddling!

White shirtdress over a swimsuit

3. Shirtdress

Last but not least, I chose a white shirtdress, and just threw it on over my swimsuit. It’s extremely lightweight and breezy, and it’s also really easy to take on and off, as you get in and out of the water. 

Summery straw hat at the beach

Because this look is the simplest of the three, I decided to add a straw hat to match my tote and add an extra element of style to the look.

What to wear to the beach

I hope you liked these ideas and got some inspiration for some fun beach looks. Let me know which of these outfits you liked the best!

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