White Jeans Favorites for Your Summer 2021 Capsule Wardrobe

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“Why can’t I wear white after labor day?”. The number one thing I love to add to my capsule wardrobe is white jeans. I also love regular jeans, but white ones are just that much better. You can wear them with anything! I have a friend who has mixed feelings more about white shoes than jeans, but she struggles. I was quick to point out how the white helps to bring out different colors and make them pop!

Most of the tops above are tunic-style tops. As many of you know, I am struggling with that last bit of weight and so wearing tops that are more fitted is just not going to happen right now. I just don’t feel 100% confident. I have opted for these tops instead. Actually, the pink one is a dress, but it is made for young girls and is way too short for me! I decided to pair it with the jeans for a different look.

Since I mostly show tunic-style tops right here, I also wanted to show styling ideas with different tops. Here are a couple of looks that use some more fitted tees, a casual look and a look that is a little more dressy.

Jeans | Shoes | Tee | Hat

Jeans | Top | Shoes | Tote

The negative about these is that the tops are all older, but I have linked some fun styles to get the same look. My two favorite brands of white jeans are rockstar from Old Navy and the curvy fit from Loft. The rockstar has the best amount of stretch and they are so incredibly soft! The jeans from Loft are great and the curvy fit leaves me without a muffin top. You see most jeans are meant to fit a straighter body, meaning no curves. The curvy fit has a little more room around the hips and waist, so if you have curves, there is room for those! I love them because I don’t feel like I have to lie on the bed to zip them up!

Let me know if you have some white jeans favorites!



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