Quick and Easy Lounge Sweater

4 Materials
90 Minutes

This easy lounge sweater can be made from the cotton blanket you would find anywhere in your local shops. It is accessible, easy, and warm! If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is a tutorial that you will not want to miss.

Tools and materials:

DIY lounge sweater

Easy lounge sweater

Cut out your fabric 

Place your pattern pieces over the cotton blanket and cut out your pieces. You should have one front piece, one back piece, and two sleeve pieces. 

Basic lounge sweater

Attach the sleeves 

Lay your front and back pieces together, right sides touching, and sew the shoulders. Next, open the fabric so that it’s laying flat with the neckline in the middle. Lay the sleeves on (right sides touching) and sew them in place so that the fabric begins to resemble a lowercase t. Fold the sweater right sides together (so the sleeves are folded in half and begin to resemble sleeves) and sew up the sides of the sweater and along the length of the sleeves. 

How to make a lounge sweater

Cut the rest of the pieces 

Using the rest of your material, cut out the remaining details of the sweater. As is pictured above, you should be left with the neckpieces, the cuffs, and the hem band. The funnel neck should be a larger version of the neckband. 

Make a lounge sweater

Attach the neckpiece 

Sew the neckpieces together to create a circle and then fold it in half (make sure the seams are aligned). Next, with the raw edges facing upwards, pin the raw edges of the neckpiece to the sides of the neckline on the sweater (again, making sure the seams align). Sew all around the neck. 

How to sew a lounge sweater

Add the hem 

Repeat the same steps with the hem piece (sewing it into a circle and then folding in half) and then place it into the shirt, with the raw edges facing down. Pin the raw edges to the bottom of the sweater, making sure your side seams align. Pin the center of the hem piece to the center of the sweater and sew to secure it. 

Sew a lounge sweater

Attach the cuffs 

We are going to repeat the same steps for the third time for the cuff pieces. Sew the fabric together to form a circle and then fold it in half. Place the cuff inside the sleeve, with the raw edges facing down. Align the side seams and pin the cuff into place. Repeat on the other sleeve and then sew both cuffs into place. 

Pro tip:

If you want a tighter fit, you can also add elastic into the cuff and hem pieces. 

Simple lounge sweater

This simple lounge sweater is one of my favorites! Not only is the material easy to find, but it’s cheap and easy to work with too. I love how quick and easy it is to make this sweater and am so excited to see what creations you guys come up with too!  

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton blanket
  • Pattern   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUmB-2EA0Dk&t=0s&ab_channel=SparrowRef)
  • Scissors
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