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RIT Dye is amazing. It transforms everyday average clothing into awesome masterpieces. This ice dyed tee for Halloween is one of my favorites because the technique is easy and fun. I love it most because there really is no way to mess it up. I like to think of it as a reveal art. You never really know what you will get until it is complete. This tee is in Tangerine but RIT dye comes in LOTS of fabulous colors.

I totally love this technique for dyeing a t-shirt (or anything for that matter). For day twenty of Thirty Days of Halloween With Me, Laura I am sharing this fun project using a t-shirt, Rit Dye (Tangerine powder) and ICE.

The first step is to lay your t-shirt out on top of a surface that can be easily cleaned up when you are done. I put plastic down and then an old towel. The next step is to lay out your t-shirt and scatter ice on it. Then sprinkle the Tangerine Rit Dye (powder) over it and let the ice melt.

Rinse it completely then you can wash it and hang it to dry.

It creates a really fun pattern for some Halloween fashion fun! Sonia Hittle looks gorgeous in it if you ask me!

Happy Dyeing,


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  • Rit Dye   (Amazon)
  • Tee Shirt   (Amazon)

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