Add Puffy Sleeves to Your Plain T-shirt!

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It all started when I saw this cute and very patriotic shirt. I really wanted to wear it on Independence day. But I thought about it too long and then I didn’t trust that it would get here in time if I ordered it. So I decided I could make one instead.

Fabric Shopping…

I ran to my local SAS fabrics where my husband quickly found the perfect knit star fabric. Yes, my husband likes to go fabric shopping with me. Then I found some knit stripe fabric. Although they are a little different from the fabric in the above inspo picture, they are better than what I thought I would find. Below is the shirt I made from said fabrics so I will explain how I made it.

What Patterns Should I use?

I hadn’t yet decided on what pattern(s) I would use to make my shirt until I had actually found fabric. So I began going through my pattern inventory. Then, I remembered the sleeves from a recent pattern I had just made, the Tempo sundress. It is a flutter sleeve with elastic added to the hem. It’s very similar to the Rhapsody flutter sleeve. I figured I could take that pattern piece and add it to another shirt pattern. I wanted it to have a crew neck though so I went with a tried and true pattern, the Classic tee.

Both patterns I would be using were made by the same company, Love Notions Patterns. So I was very familiar with them and felt that I could use them together without any problems. Especially because the sleeve was meant to have gathers so I could adjust where needed by simply gathering more or less of the sleeve shoulder. It was so fun doing this that I made 3 shirts total. You can get a discount on these or any of Love Notions patterns by using my special discount code LOVEKOE.

Just a Small Adjustment…

Because both patterns are meant for different fabrics I had to adjust things a little. The sleeve pattern is meant for woven fabric so I sized up two sizes from my normal size. The shirt was meant for knit fabric which is what I was using so I used my normal size. So for reference I used a size small for the shirt and a size large for the sleeve.


On the 3 shirts I made I tried two different gathering methods. On all 4 I used 14 inches of ½ inch elastic. I also install my sleeves using the flat method, where I install the sleeve right after I’ve sewn the front and back shoulders together and before the sides of the shirt are sewn shut.

Method one…

In the first method I hemmed the sleeve ⅝ inch making a channel for the elastic. Then I ran the ½ inch elastic through that channel. I stitched the elastic on either side of the sleeve to secure it in place. Then i sewed the ides of the shirt

Method two…

In the second method I marked the quarter points of the shirt sleeve and the ½ inch elastic. Then I matched those up and stretched the elastic to fit the edge of the sleeve and used the multi-stitch zig zag setting on my machine and attached the elastic to the raw edge of the sleeve. Then I folded the elasticated edge one time to the inside of the shirt and stitched it one more time with a multi-stitch zig zag.

I liked the first method more where I made a channel for the elastic. The other method of attaching the elastic to the hem was kind of tricky and less forgiving if I didn’t stretch the elastic just right. But the second method looks more like the one that was used for the shirt I was copying. Below are the two shirts that I used the elastic channel method for.

Neck facing…

For the neck I did a facing rather than a band. I like bindings for finishing necklines because they go on the inside of the shirt and are unseen. To do the facing I cut the neck band 1 inch longer than the neckband pattern piece. I also made it half as wide. Then I attached it to the neck just like I would any other neck facing and finished it off with a twin needle top stitch. You can check this post or this post for more details on neck facings.

I love how all three shirts turned out. My July 4th shirt was so much better than I even imagined. Now I have a new favorite way to elevate t-shirt patterns.

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards knit fabric
  • 1/2 inch elastic
  • Pins
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