The Cutest Way to Tie All Your Hair Back With No Loose Strands

Do you have hairstyles reserved for later in the week?

They don't show oily scalp before wash day.

They're easy to do before work.

They look alot nicer than the effort they take.

Well this is an AMAZING hairstyle to add into the mix. This hairstyle pulls back all your loose hairs and the numerous braids hide your dirty hair perfect.

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Start by creating a middle part in your hair and 4 small braids (2 on each side of your head)

Pull all your hair and the 4 braids back into a low ponytail

Split the ponytail into two thick pieces and twist them

Keep twisting all the way down and secure the bottom with a rubbe rband.

Now all your hair is pulled back and out of the way. This is a great hairstyle for the gym, rock climbing, swimming, a day at the amusement park, you get the idea.

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