DIY Ruffled One-Shoulder Top From a Basic T-shirt (Easy Sewing!)

DIY Ruffled One-Shoulder Top From a Basic T-shirt (Easy Sewing!)

There's a variety of different ways to upcycle t-shirts, especially for summertime outfits, and this ruffled crop top is undoubtedly one of my favorite! Here's how I transformed a basic long sleeved shirt into a ruffled one-shoulder crop top in a few easy steps.

Gather Materials

What you'll need:

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Step 1: Cut & Crop TopIf you'd like to make your top narrower, start a few inches in from one side of the bottom and cut up to one armpit, across the front and up to the opposite shoulder.

Then cut from that armpit up to the shoulder to create one shoulder "tank top" strap.

Cut horizontally across the bottom to crop the top to your desired length. Then clip the side edges in place, right sides together.

Step 2: Sew Top

Sew the side edges together, then flip the top right-side-out.

Step 3: Create Ruffles

Cut a strip from the excess fabric and fold it to create two layers, leaving the top layer a bit shorter than the bottom for more depth. Fold the end under and clip it to the top of the shoulder strap. Create another fold an inch or two apart from the first and clip that one. Repeat until you have folds/ruffles all the way from the top of the shoulder to the other side of the front.

Sew along the top edge to secure the ruffles to the shoulder strap and across the front.

All done!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of ruffles. Thanks so much for checking out this DIY, and I hope you try it out!




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