Quick and Easy No-Sew Top

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As an addition to my ongoing no-sew series, I have decided to make another no-sew tutorial. This time I am going to be showing you guys how to make an easy floral top that you will love to wear. Choose any pattern that you want, aim for a solid fabric (the same on both sides), and make sure the fabric is self-finished and doesn’t fray!

Tools and materials:

  • Self-finished fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
DIY no-sew top

Mark your fabric 

Fold your fabric diagonally so that it becomes a triangle and then measure from the tip to the bottom to find the widest part - add a line across. Next, starting from the end of the line we just made, measure the bottom part of the fabric. And finally, starting by the point, mark off two inches from the edge. Continue marking these two inches down the fabric for a few marks and then mark twenty-five inches up from that center point we marked earlier, meeting your two-inch markings. (To get a clearer understanding of what to mark where watch the video from 3:05). 

Easy no-sew top

Make your markings 

Extend the line of your belt and then grab some scissors and begin cutting by your markings. When cutting, try to avoid sharp edges. Cut your corners to be rounded and keep your cuts smooth. In the end, your fabric should be shaped like it is pictured above. Next, mark your shoulder measurement divided by two from the top edge down (towards the side with the belt). Mine was 7.5 - 15 divided by two. From the end of that marking mark eight inches towards the center of the fabric and then connect it back towards the top of your fabric to make a square. 

Make a no-sew top

Finish the top 

From the eight-inch marking, mark your arm circumference in an almond shape facing the middle of the fabric. Insert some scissors and cut out the armhole. Cut it out on both layers separately so you’re sure about the size and shape of the armhole. When cutting my armholes, I prefer to start small and increase the size if I need to. 

How to make a no-sew top

Before I finish I want to show you guys how to wear this beautiful top! Simply slip your arms through your armholes, the open side facing front. Then, tie the belt into two knots so that it’s nice and secure. Fold the collar over and then finish by pulling the belt to the back and tying it again. I really love this easy no-sew top and can’t wait to see how you guys fashion it! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
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