The DIY You Gotta Try This Summer

Kelsey Reese
by Kelsey Reese

Brat style is just perfect for summer! You can really go to town with it.

I made my own brat top from an old camisole and lingerie and a can of spray paint.

Tools and materials: 

  • Camisole top
  • Old lace bra and pants
  • Spray fabric paint
  • Dress form
Spray painting a bra

1. Bra

Place your camisole top over a dress form.

Wrap a lacy bra around it and fasten it tightly. 

Spray painting a bra

2. Spray

Using the bra as a stencil, spray a contrast color fabric paint over it. 

You don’t have to be neat about this. Just make sure to cover the whole bra - front, back and straps.

Spray painting pants

3. Pants

Put a lacy thong or underwear over the bottom of your camisole and spray as before.

Again, make sure to cover all the lace and don’t worry about the mess.

Removing the underwear

4. Remove

Leave to dry completely.

Bra top DIY

Remove the underwear carefully so as not to smudge the design and keep the edges sharp.

Bra top DIY
Bra top DIY

The DIY you gotta try this summer

Brat style is intended to be slightly dirty, messy or trashy, like this top which is both cute and cheeky.

Embrace every part of your personality and don’t pigeonhole yourself. 

How brat are you going to be this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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