Try This BRILLIANT Hack to Steam Your Clothes

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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We all know the benefits of steaming: It gets rid of smelly odors and wrinkles at the same time.

Yet, a steamer isn’t as common of a household tool as an iron. You don’t have to settle anymore with this shockingly simple hack to steam your clothes!

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Tools and materials:

  • Ice cube
  • Drying machine
Shirt hack

All you need is an ice cube and a dryer to turn this unwearable top into something as good as new. Let’s get into it.

Putting clothes in the dryer

1. Put clothing in the dryer

Throw your stinky and wrinkly clothing into the dryer. 

Adding ice

2. Add an ice cube

Add a single ice cube to the dryer with your clothes.

Drying clothes

3. Dry!

All you need to do now is just start the dryer and watch your clothes get perfectly steamed.

Shirt hack

Here’s what that dingy shirt from the beginning looks like now! All of the wrinkles are gone and it’s as fresh as it was off the rack.

Shirt hack

This hack is so simple and doesn’t require you to buy any extra tools, so you can steam your clothes immediately. Let me know if you’ll try this hack down below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Ice cube
  • Drying machine

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  • Bonnie Bonnie on Apr 10, 2024

    Isn't this hard on the dryer?

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    • Gale Gale on May 12, 2024

      I was told by a dryer repair man from Maytag not to do this because it can blow out your dryer. It can rust your dryer and can cause major problems.

  • Mar48675632 Mar48675632 on May 02, 2024