What Colors Go With Brown Clothes? Styling Tips & Cute Outfit Ideas

In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you different ways to style the color brown. Brown has really made a big revival recently.

But if we thought back several decades ago, the color brown was associated with the dirt and smoke of muggy inner-cities. The fashions of the 60s and 70s were marked by bold, bright colors, which were seen as liberating.

Is the color brown back in style?

There are a number of reasons why brown came back onto the fashion scene.

One reason is that our beauty standards are shifting. Instead of going for crazy smoky eyes, exaggerated looks, more and more people want those natural, your-skin-but-better looks—a sort of understated elegance.

Browns and neutral tones in the fashion world

Another reason is related to the problems facing the environment and our beliefs in treating nature better, as well as a desire to go back to nature.

Fashion always reflects society in that way, and that’s another reason why we’re seeing a lot of browns and neutral tones, as well as more recycled and sustainable materials.

Different shades of brown

Let’s take a look at some of the different shades of brown.

Espresso brown jogging pants

We have espresso

Mocha brown knit sweater


Caramel brown knit sweater


Cedar brown sheer-sleeved top


Cinnamon brown thick turtleneck sweater


Peanut brown mini skirt


Hickory brown mini skirt


Tortilla brown long-sleeved shirt


Tawny brown sweater


Syrup brown turtlneck top


What does the color brown represent?

Before we get onto the styling, I’m going to start by telling you what the color represents.

Brown is the color of the earth. Stability and a stable foundation is the message that emanates from the color brown. This color relates to things that are natural and simple.

Brown is sometimes thought to be dull but it's also reliable and wholesome. Although frugal and unsophisticated, brown is a color of safety and confidence.

The emotions generated by brown are reliability, stability, honesty, comfort, and feeling natural.

What colors go with brown clothes?

What colors go well with brown clothes?

1. Head-to-toe brown outfit

When thinking about which colors best go with brown, I recommend taking inspiration from nature by picturing a tree in your mind.

A tree has lots of dark, deep shades of brown in the trunk, the roots, and the ground.

So, the first way to style brown is to go head-to-toe brown. However, to make your outfit stand out, my tip is to go for different shades of brown.

Here, I’m wearing a baggy sweater paired with a mini skort. You can see the clear contrast between those two pieces. I’ve added a little brown bag and a pair of brown boots.

How to wear brown boots

2. Brown & green outfit

Now, let’s move up the tree a little and go to the leaves section. The leaves are generally green, so green is a natural color that goes well with brown.

Here, I’m wearing a green cardigan that really pops against the brown. If you’re over-the-top like I am, get yourself the same color green bag as well.

Brown skirt with a light pink blazer

3. Brown & pink outfits

Next, picture the tree in the blooming spring season. You will see floral colors like pinks and reds in the spring blossoms.

How to wear brown pants

Personally, I really like pairing brown with light pink; it gives the brown more life, making both colors pop.

How to wear a brown jacket

5. Brown & blue outfits

Moving up the tree scene another notch, you will see the blue sky, and therefore blue is another color that naturally goes with brown.

On the left, I’ve styled a brown blazer with classic blue jeans, and on the right, I styled a brown mini skirt with a pale blue top.

Brown mini skirt and boots with a navy top

6. Brown & navy outfit

Now picture the tree at nighttime. You will see the dark sky with the stars. This blouse is polka-dotted, which sort of imitates that. I think a darker navy blue really complements the color brown.

How to wear brown

Brown accessories

Lastly, if you want to ease into the color brown, you can always start small with accessories. Think about a brown bag, gloves, headband, belt, jewelry, or… nail polish!

What colors go with brown clothes?

Starting small is always a good way to introduce a particular color into your wardrobe. I hope you find this tree analogy useful in understanding what colors go with brown clothes.

Let me know which was your favorite color combination in the comment below!

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  • Marianne Marianne on Jan 12, 2022

    I also love brown…I never thought to match it with pink and now that I saw how it looks together…I really love that combination…Thanks for sharing!

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    Lovely with the green.