Ain't No Laws When You're Making This Fun White Claw Costume DIY

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If you’re looking for something different this Halloween, how about wearing a human-sized White Claw can Halloween costume?

What is White Claw? It is just the most delicious hard seltzer that comes in delicious flavors. I enjoyed making this costume while drinking White Claws, but you don’t have to drink it to make it!

I make clothes to fit the body, specifically my body, but this time I am making a full-on 3D cylinder White Claw costume DIY. Follow along!

Tools and materials:

  • White tri-fold display cardboard (like you used for science fairs back in middle school)
  • White poster board - I used 2
  • Paint - I used black and an orange-ish color
  • Paintbrushes
  • White duct tape
  • Strips of fabric (I used an old white t-shirt that I cut up to make 3-inch strips)


  • Sewing machine/needle and thread
  • A full case or so of White Claw to keep drinking while you make this costume
Bending the cardboard to make the can shape

1. Bend the cardboard

Cardboard is stiff! The trifold makes it too boxy and straight. I bent the cardboard over my thighs using firm but gentle pressure. 

How to make a White Claw can costume

You want to get it so the cardboard loses some of its stiffness, so it can resemble more of a cylindrical shape. 

White Claw Halloween costume DIY

2. Attach straps

We have to make holes on the sides so we can put straps through and have them secured at the shoulder. 

Making holes on the sides for the straps

Sewing a White Claw Halloween costume

I made these holes and pulled through strips I cut from an old white t-shirt. These need to be long and strong enough to hold the cylinder up. The straps then should be adjusted to fit you. After that, they need to be sewn together while in the cardboard. 

White Claw Halloween costume ideas

You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine but word of warning: do not sew when tipsy or drunk on White Claw or another alcoholic beverage. It could be dangerous!

Taping the cardboard sides together

3. Tape it together

Hold the cardboard in between your legs and tape down the front opening or what I like to call the “crevasse.” 

Taping the can costume with white duct tape

Use white duct tape so it looks more uniform.

Fun White Claw costume DIY

Once it’s taped, I put it on and rolled it around the walls of my house to make it even rounder. (This step isn’t necessary but it is fun!).

Painting the logo for the White Claw costume

4. Paint the logo

Use a can of White Claw as your muse and inspiration to freehand draw and paint the White Claw logo onto a piece of cardboard. 

Taping the logo to the White Claw can costume

Then tape the poster to the cardboard. I like to create tape rolls where I roll a piece of tape with the sticky side outward and then apply it to the surface. 

Making the Mango White Claw costume

5. Choose the flavor

I chose mango as my flavor for my White Claw Halloween costume. 

I cut an angled label from the second piece of posterboard to mimic the one on the White Claw can. I painted it a mango color. 

Blow drying the paint so it dries quicker

You can either let the paint dry naturally or blow dry it dry like I did. Then paint the word “mango” on it.

I used tape rolls to attach the label off-center onto the “can.” Then I painted the top of the can in a narrow strip of mango to match the real-life can.

DIY Mango White Claw costume

I am done! I love the fact that this is a narrow cylinder similar to the actual can of White Claw. 

White Claw costume DIY

White Claw costume DIY tutorial

Guys, I would cry tears of joy if you made this DIY White Claw costume for Halloween! If you and your friends want to go as a case, each of you could pick a different flavor, like raspberry, or grapefruit, or any other flavors - can you imagine how awesome that would be?

Please please please let me know in the comments or better yet, tag me at @seaminglysera if you do! 

Suggested materials:
  • White tri-fold display cardboard
  • White poster board
  • Paint
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