Winter Accessories

Some folks stay away from it, while others flock to it. The cold, annoying but beautiful Winter. I am myself from New England - with its long gray and brutal storms. Ice lingering on your car to the point where you can't even open your car door because it's frozen over. Eventually I made my way to California. After living in SoCal for 10 years and sipping on sunshine - it was time for a change. A move to Colorado was the plan and here I am, learning to reacquaint myself with cold weather, snow, ice and all things Winter. With the cold, comes the opportunity to layer up with scarves, dress warmly with thick sweaters and wear some exciting winter accessories along the way.

Testing out my new pink cozy ear muffs, a great find. Similar inexpensive look can be found on Shein.

After hitting the slopes, still need to keep my ears nice and warm in these adorable ear muffs.

A new favorite in my wardrobe. A pink metallic one piece for skiing. Found this on Aliexpress and it was completely worth it.

Bopping around Aspen and exploring the adorable town in this awesome one piece suit.

A neutral winter pom pom hat is an essential staple in a winter wardrobe.

I love this red beret. It can be styled with so many different outfits. Found this hat on clearance at Target a few seasons ago, but something similar can be found here.

Who says you can't wear yellow during Winter? Loving this yellow beret and also was having a great hair day too!

Ear Muffs
  • A little bird told me, this little adorable accessory was supposedly making a comeback this year as a trend. But did ear muffs ever really go out of style? This year, I found a pair of new millennial pink ear muffs at a local thrift store. Finally had the chance to wear them over New Year's Eve weekend skiing in Aspen for the first time. WOW! It was such a great time wearing these in the cold, brisk weather. They were comfy, fun and stylish, At first I was hesitant if they would keep me warm - but they sure did. So if you are thinking about making an ear muff purchase, I highly encourage you to do just that. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
One Piece Ski Suit
  • If you are a skier or snowboarder, then you know part of the fun is finding cool gear to rock on the slopes. Maybe not everyone wants to rock bright, bold colors - but when you see a fabulous outfit on the slopes it makes you smile. Since moving to Colorado, I knew I would be doing more skiing and outdoor winter activities. With that thought, I started my hunt and search for a pink one piece ski jumpsuit. After lots of Googling and searching around the internet, I landed on THE one. A metallic pink one piece suit that I found on Aliexpress. It was rather inexpensive, coming in less that $100, With Aliexpress you must have patience when you place an order on their site. Generally orders can take up to 30 days or more to arrive. Good thing I didn't need this suit right away. The suit is decent quality and certainly eye catching. You will definitely need to layer up underneath to stay warm and cozy. Can't wait to wear this out on the slopes again.
Winter Hats
  • Growing up I avoided wearing hats in the summer and winter. Until my parents caught me without a hat on - they would scold me and then I'd be wearing a hat in no time. So now in adulthood, I tend to find myself flocking to wearing winter hats, especially in the cold. From fluffy pom pom knit hats to berets, I like to experiment with different styles. They keep your head and ears warm, what more could you ask for? Even though they create more static with my fine hair, it's still a nice way to add an a warm accessory during the winter season

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