How to Make a DIY Blanket Poncho & Sweater Mittens for Winter

by Janel
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This tutorial is all about wintery DIYs: blanket poncho and no-sew mittens! Winter is here! If it’s chilly or cold where you live, you probably need an extra layer to keep you warm!

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make a poncho from a blanket and how to make mittens from old sweaters. Let’s get started making a DIY blanket poncho and mittens to keep you cozy!

Tools and materials:

For the DIY recycled sweater mittens

  • Sweater 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Scissors

For the DIY blanket poncho 

  • Blanket 
  • Sewing machine
  • Tailor’s chalk or marking pen 
  • Scissors

DIY recycled sweater mittens

Placing a hand on the sweater sleeve

1. Make the pattern

Use an old sweater. Lay the sweater down on a flat surface. Lay your hand on the top of the sleeve near the shoulder line of your old sweater.

Tracing the outline of the pattern

Trace the outline with chalk leaving some extra room around so your fingers can move freely. Make sure to trace your thumb on the side!

Pinning and cutting themittens

Pin the tracing in place. Cut carefully making sure the fabric doesn’t slip or move so the sides are symmetrical.

Hot gluing the edges of the mittens

2. Make the mittens

Once the pieces are cut, lay them right sides together. Hot glue the edges together. Gently press them after gluing. Wait until the glue dries before turning them right sides out.

How to make mittens from old sweaters

Repeat the process for the second mitten.

Cutting the cuff off the sweater

3. Attach the cuff

Cut the cuff off of the sweater you made the mittens from. Turn your mittens so the wrong side (or inside) is facing you.

Hot gluing the cuff to the mittens

Fold up the bottom edge about an inch or so. Hot glue the folded edge of the mitten.

Attaching the cuff to the DIY mitten

Lay the cuff around the mitten and gently press it into place.

Hot gluing the cuff ends together

When you reach the end, hot glue the end of the cuff together.

Trimming the excess fabric

Trim any excess. Flip them inside out.

DIY recycled sweater mittens

The mittens in use!

DIY Blanket Poncho

Making a pattern for the blanket poncho

1. Make the poncho pattern

Fold the blanket in half. Then fold it again in the opposite direction. Use the chalk to draw a line against the folded edge. This is instead of measuring the center point. 

Cutting open a blanket to make a poncho

Unfold the blanket to the first folded position so the chalk line faces you. Cut along the line you made. Don’t cut both sides. Stop cutting when you reach the end of the chalk line.

How to make a poncho from a blanket

2. Finish up the poncho

Pull out a couple of threads (if your blanket fabric tends to fray) to create a frayed edge. 

Stitching along the frayed edges

Once you’ve pulled out about 3 threads, stitch alongside the frayed edge with your sewing machine.

Backstitching over the ends

When you get to where the cut stops, do a couple of backstitches to secure the area. It’s a high stress point and you’re going to want some extra security.

DIY blanket poncho

DIY blanket poncho & sweater mittens

You’re done making a gorgeous and easy blanket poncho, and no-sew mittens too! Please let me know in the comments if you made either one of them or both!

Even better, share your photos so I can see your creativity! Keep warm!

Suggested materials:
  • Sweater
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tailor’s chalk or marking pen
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  • Cathy Lewis Cathy Lewis on Jan 17, 2022

    what size is the blanket?

  • Jhc12494058 Jhc12494058 on Jan 18, 2022


    if I position my hand near the shoulder seam, the underside of the mitten is the armhole of the sweater. Positioning my hand lower, the sleeve becomes too narrow to allow a thumb on the mitten.

    Wrong sweater???