5 Festive Christmas Skirt Outfits That Are Perfect for the Holidays

In this style guide, I’m going to be giving you five Christmas skirt outfit ideas for the festive season. I’m going to be showing you a range of different skirts, so whether you’re into maxi, midi, or mini; tight, loose, pleated, or ruffled - there is a skirt here for you. Let’s get to it!

Christmas outfits with a white midi skirt

1. Faux leather midi

I’m starting off with a white faux leather midi skirt that has nice button details going down the side.

I’ve paired it with a black poofy sleeve top. The sleeves are sheer, which brings a little bit of sexiness to the outfit. I love statement sleeves on a top, and I feel that they elevate whatever skirt you wear the top with. 

Black pumps or silver heels for Christmas

For the shoe selection, I have two options; which one you choose to go for will depend on your personality. You could either opt for a pair of black plain pumps if you want something more classic, or if you’re looking for something a little bit more trendy, you could go with a pair of silver heels that are transparent on the side.

I like the metallic silver shoes because I feel like they make my outfit more Christmasy. 

Accessorizing with a long pea coat

To accessorize, I’m wearing some hairpins with rhinestones. They’re small, but they make a difference. Never underestimate the power of accessories, however small they are. As an optional outerwear piece, you can throw on a grid-print pea coat.

Plaid skirt outfit for Christmas

2. Plaid pencil skirt

This next look is for my ladies who love the color red. Here, I’m wearing a plaid pencil skirt with a red top. This red top is a little similar to the first one, it has those sheer sleeves, but they’re not as poofy.

For shoes, I went with the same pair of classic black pumps that I featured before; they’re definitely a must-have in my holiday wardrobe.

To accessorize, I have a white quilted bag that has gold chain detail. The white ties in with the skirt’s plaid print, and I always like a bit of gold in my look.

Pencil skirt outfit for a Christmas party

To go outside, I would throw on this black pea coat.

Christmas party skirt outfits

3. Satin midi skirt

Next, I am styling a satin skirt. I love the color as well as the fit and flare style. I paired it with a white turtleneck top with a silky spandex material, and I feel that it works perfectly with the satin skirt instead of a knit or polyester top.

Next, I went with a pair of nude pumps for shoes; again, a type of shoe that I think every woman should own in their closet.

To accessorize, I added a pair of statement earrings that are hoops with a white tassel on them. They make the look stand out even more. If it’s cold, throw on a fuzzy cream jacket that will contrast nicely with the white top.

Maxi skirt Christmas outfit

4. Gold pleated maxi skirt

Next, we have this gold pleated maxi skirt. I love the movement of it and the fact that it’s floor-length. It’s the perfect skirt for the holidays. I paired it with a mustard ribbed top to create a bit of a monochromatic look.

For the shoes, I added some gold pumps. This is a "go gold or go home" look! If you want to add an outerwear piece to this, I added a white furry vest. It’s a nice layering piece to add to this look.

Christmas outfit with a leather skirt

5. Ruffled leather miniskirt

The last way that I'm styling a skirt for the holidays is this look that is casual but still chic and dressed up at the same time. I’m wearing a faux leather miniskirt that has ruffle details. Next, I added some black hosiery because wearing hosiery in this season is definitely key.

On top, I have a white button-down shirt, and on top of that, I added a cozy houndstooth vest. For the shoes, we have a pop of color with a pair of red ankle booties. I feel like this adds a nice subtle hint of red to the look without going over the top. 

Christmas outfits with skirts

The last piece of the puzzle is a small red bag with gold details on it.

Christmas skirt outfits

Those are five Christmas skirt outfit ideas for the holidays. As I said, no matter what your style, hopefully, there is an outfit here that you might like to replicate.

Whether you prefer long, short, or mid-length skirts, find a skirt that will look great for the Christmas season and see what festive look you can pull together. Happy holidays everyone!

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