Best Accessories to Put on Your Christmas Wishlist

So, I already touched on this on my stories on instagram, but to reiterate over here– I decided NOT to do gift guides like most bloggers do.

Because most bloggers do them, there are a lot of great ones out there already & I don’t really feel like they’re my “thing”. Instead I decided to do what is on my wishlist for Christmas, including a few things that I already own and love.

I hope this is helpful in some way to you, but if it isn’t, I do know my husband appreciates this list for his shopping, haha!

It includes mostly fashion (jacket, sweatshirt, shoes, etc.) but there are a couple items that are not fashion!

I’ve included 12 items on here, 5 of which I own & I’ll be sure to state which ones I do have & what I love about them. Everything will have a description & link under the photo or you can scroll to the bottom to see all the links in one place over on (minus the last pair of earrings which I can’t link on LTK).

How cute is this sweatshirt?! I love the neutral tones & the florals. It can be customized with birth flowers too!

I’m a big fan of Carhartt beanies. They’re warm & look cute. I own two myself & each of my boys & husband all have one as well. This one is so cute with it weave stitch, neutral color & pom pom top! (if that’s sold out or you want another option that isn’t Amazon, it’s also available at Tractor Supply here!)

So I own these Blundstone boots (and they are DEFINITELY an investment!). These would make an AWESOME gift because they are SO comfy, versatile & are said to last for many years!

Here I am wearing the blundstone boots-- so cute!

These are my favorite socks from Amazon. I ask for a new set every year because they’re literally all I wear with my boots. I wish they made a pack with just the brown & green because those are my favorites!

This slim can coozie is SO CUTE! I’ve been wanting one for when I have a beverage & I’ve never seen one as cute as this!

I own this itsGLDN necklace & it is such a delicate & perfect little piece. It’s considered a friendship necklace & you can add how many beads you want. I added 3 for my husband & two sons. (If you use my code MARISSAWEARSANOUTFIT you can get $10 off your order!)

This print is so pretty for Christmas time or even all year round! I love prints like this and the bonus is it’s also educational! (I accidently added a red streak when creating the image, sorry!)

I’m a sucker for simple gold jewelry & I could see myself wearing these earrings with EVERYTHING. Love the hammered detail.

Anyone else LIVE in slippers? I do & I’ve had my current pair for at least 5-6 years & it’s time for some new ones.

These ones from Target look soft & cozy.

I absolutely love the colors in this L.L BEAN anorak. It looks comfy & perfect for exploring outdoors!

I own & love this hat! I bought it thinking I would just tuck the string up to hide it but honestly, it is SO NICE for windy days and looks so cute on. The brim is wide enough to cover your face but not too wide you can’t see anything.

this is the wide brim Madewell hat. So comfy and love the neck strap!

I own & love these earrings as well (I couldn’t add them to my collage because they’re not on, but I’ll link them here!)! They’re made by a friend I went to college/church with growing up & she has such gorgeous beaded jewelry she makes in Alaska. Definitely check out what else she has HERE!

and these are the earrings from Arctic Tundra Designs. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the design!

I’ll link everything in one place HERE, over on (please remember, I make a small commission if you choose to shop using these links. There is no additional cost to you & I appreciate your support. Thanks :))

The author may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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  • Kathryn Kathryn on Dec 05, 2021

    What about that cute cotton sun dress? Can that be purchased somewhere on the net?

    • Marissawearsanoutfit Marissawearsanoutfit on Dec 06, 2021

      Ah, unfortunately I think it’s sold out at this point. Maybe target will bring it back this summer!

  • Kathryn Kathryn on Dec 06, 2021

    Gosh thanks for answering that Target sold out doesn't surprise. I looked for it through all the dresses offered.