Three Outfits for Winter

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

Fall and winter are by far the most fun seasons to dress for. You can get creative with layering and have so many options for accessorizing (think: scarves, hats, and coats).

So here are three ways to spruce up your outfits during these cold and dark days.


The most fun way to style clothes is by layering. Match a button-up shirt with a sweater vest or a chunky hoodie with a long trench coat, as I have here.

With a lot of layering, patterning should be avoided. This may get too busy.

Don't forget to stylize with a cute hat and boots.


'Tis this season... for high-knee boots. Whenever the air gets colder, I get more and more excited to pull out my high-knee boots. They're such a fashionable way to stay warm and look cute with skirts, a dress, or tights.

They come in many lengths, heel heights, and colors, so make sure you get a pair that's right for you.

These are definitely a fall/winter staple!

All black!

Monochrome will never not be sleek, but in during the summer in warmer climates, black can be impractical at times. So this time of the year is perfect for going all out in black.

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