How to Mix Clothes for Winter: Styling Summer Items for Cold Weather

Holly Power
by Holly Power

Keeping to a stylish and functional wardrobe during winter can often seem overwhelming. Luckily, I've rounded up some fun casual winter outfits to inspire you to think out of the box!

I was able to use some of my summer pieces for these looks, and mixing and matching all my seasonal outfits was so much fun! Read on to see how to mix clothes for winter and how your summer pieces can be worn in winter too.

Casual winter outfit with a graphic t-shirt

1. Wearing a t-shirt in the winter

So, here I’m wearing a plain white ribbed turtleneck. It’s pretty lightweight and hugs my body. For the pants, I’m wearing a pair of black slim-fit pants with a belt that has an elegant buckle.

As for my jewelry, I opted to layer two necklaces. They aren’t bold but pretty delicate and go with just about anything.

I wore this fun graphic t-shirt over my turtleneck to throw in some excitement and edge. I love this layered style. 

Off-shoulder top over a turtleneck

2. Layering an off-shoulder top for winter

Thanks to the lovely puffy sleeves and off-the-shoulder vibes, this outfit is really feminine-infused. The plaid print works well with the black pants and white turtleneck.

I decided to wear this outfit with classic high-heel chunky boots in black.

I love how this summer top works so cohesively on top of the turtleneck. This kind of look would actually go well with any crop top and any color for the under top. 

How to wear a tie crop top in winter

Wearing a crop top as a winter layering piece

3. How to wear a crop top in winter

For the next look, I’ve got this amazing mint green puffy sleeve tie-up. I wear this a lot during summer, and I figured it would be fun to incorporate this into my winter outfits.

I switched up my black jeans with a pair of high-waisted faux leather pants. I think it gives the outfit an extra edge.

I also opted for my high heel boots, and voilà! You have this beautiful flowy style. 

How to wear a summer dress in the winter

4. Transitioning a summer dress to winter

For those who don’t want to give up on their floral dresses during winter, then this one is for you!

Here, I’m wearing this exquisite blue and white floral print dress. This off-the-shoulder dress is also relatively short, so I decided to match it with a pair of silky nude tights to keep me warm.

I love that it’s off the shoulder, as it’s a fun detail to play around with. I paired this look with a pair of brown chunky high heel boots. 

Layering an LBD over a turtleneck

5. Wearing an LBD in the winter

I love this classic skin-tight black midi dress. It has a rather low back, which makes it even more appealing! I could not give up on this item, even in winter!

So, here I paired it again with my white turtleneck. It’s sexy and goes great as a night-out kind of vibe. 

Mixing summer and winter clothes

6. Mixing summer and winter pieces

This is one of my favorite comfy casual winter outfits! I love how everything blends together. Here, I’m wearing a puffy sleeve crop top, my denim skirt, black tights, and Doc Martens.

I love how there are different textures and layers, and the Doc Martens really give it a more laid-back vibe. If you want to dress this up, you can switch the boots to high heels. 

How to mix clothes for winter

7. Styling shorts for the winter

This is another simple yet casual look that really goes a long way!

Here, I switched up my white turtleneck for a gray one, threw on my high-waisted black denim shorts, and kept the black tights and Doc Martens.

I accessorized using my belt with the elegant buckle, too. I really couldn’t part with my denim shorts; I absolutely love them and wore them throughout summer. 

How to mix clothes for winter

That pretty much wraps up my guide on how to mix clothes for winter. There’s a little something here for everyone, and now you can see how to mix clothes for winter in a fun and simple way!

Let me know what your favorite outfit was in the comment section below. 

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