7 Cute Outfits With Ripped Jeans For Fall and Winter

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

The star of today’s tutorial is ripped jeans. I’ll show you some awesome, trendy ways to style cute outfits with ripped jeans for fall and winter!

Keep in mind that there are loads of options for ripped jeans. The pair I’ll be styling today are pretty distressed, but of course, it doesn’t mean yours have to be. Let’s get styling!

Ripped jeans and a crop top outfit

1. Ripped jeans and a crop top

This first outfit is pretty simple, but great if you're looking for something comfy and casual.

I’m wearing my ripped jeans with white chunky sneakers and a cute printed cropped cardigan.

Layering a turtleneck under a crop top

If you need some added warmth, you can layer your cropped cardigan over a turtleneck.

When I wear ripped jeans, I like to keep everything else simple, as there are lots of detail on the jeans.

Ripped jeans with a turtleneck outfit

2. Ripped jeans with a turtleneck

This is one of my go-to looks for fall when I have no idea what to wear.

I paired my ripped jeans with a plain white turtleneck, off-white combat boots, and an oversized long tan coat.

What to wear with ripped jeans

The combat boots really elevate this look and give the whole look some edge. If you’re not a fan of combat boots, then you could wear ankle boots instead.

I tucked my jeans into my boots, but you could also wear them loose if you prefer. 

Ripped jeans with a blazer outfit

3. Ripped jeans with a blazer

This is a classic look that I believe is pretty timeless. I'm wearing a satin button-down shirt, a pair of croc-print ankle boots, and an oversized blazer.

The pieces are simple, but the different textures add interest.

I tucked in half of my shirt to add some layers and dimension. If you don’t feel like wearing high shoes, then Oxford shoes would also add some formality.

How to wear ripped jeans with heels

If you’re not a fan of the half-tuck, then tucking your shirt all the way gives your whole look a more polished vibe. 

Outfits with ripped jeans and crop tops

4. Ripped jeans and a leather jacket

I feel like this is an outfit you could find all over Pinterest! It’s such an effortlessly cool look.

Here, I'm pairing my ripped jeans with a cropped long sleeve shirt and a classic leather jacket. If you don’t want to show a lot of skin, you can opt for a long-fitted t-shirt instead.

For shoes, I’m wearing my ankle boots again, but I think black combat boots would be great with this outfit too. It's a great "night out" outfit during the colder months.

How to wear ripped jeans with knee-high boots

5. Ripped jeans with knee-high boots

Here’s another comfy but chic option; tucking in an oversized long-sleeved t-shirt into my ripped jeans. For some added “oomph,” I’m wearing some knee-high heeled boots. 

I like that this top is semi-sheer, so it looks very delicate. I love wearing it over a lace bralette so that the details come through.

Ripped jeans with knee-high boots outfit

Add on an oversized coat, and you’ve got the perfect casual but chic vibes.

What color tops go with ripped jeans?

6. Pop of color

Here’s an option with a pop of color! Look how magnificent this cobalt blue sweater is, and how it totally transforms this outfit!

Obviously, you don’t need to settle for blue. Fuschia, red, emerald green, and so many other colors will work great.

I tucked in my sweater at the front and added a black belt that goes so well with my knee-high boots. 

How to style ripped jeans

You can also pop on an elegant blazer for a more formal, polished vibe. Just by adding some accessories and sleek boots you can take an outfit from casual to chic.

Cute outfits with ripped jeans

7. Ripped jeans with a graphic tee

Ok, so I have saved the most fun outfit for last! I tucked in this cute graphic t-shirt into my jeans, threw on some sneakers, and then topped it all off with my faux-fur coat.

The coat adds a hint of glam to an otherwise casual look. This is perfect if you want to feel fabulous, cool, and comfy all at the same time.

Cute outfits with ripped jeans

That’s it, guys! These are my seven favorite ways to style ripped jeans for the fall and winter. 

I hope you got some inspiration from these cute outfits with ripped jeans. Let me know which was your favorite look in the comments below.

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