Inspiration: Polymer Clay Beads Done Right

by MyVian
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3 Hours

So we know we can do a lot of stunning accessories from polymer clay, the most popular being earrings. Today, I will take my tutorial to the next level and show you how to make polymer clay beads. They are so fun to make, and you can use these beads to make polymer clay bead earrings or even bracelets. There are so many options for this versatile clay, so let your creative juices flow as I give you some awesome inspiration for your next craft DIY project.

Tools and materials:

  • Pin
  • 3 sections of different colored polymer clay
  • Blade
Polymer clay bead earrings

Make the actual beads

Using a clay of your choice, roll into a long log-like structure and cut out small pieces. This will be for your actual beads. To get a precise shape for each bead, place the first cut-out piece next to the log and use it as a guide when cutting the rest of the pieces.

Polymer clay embroidery beads

Next, roll the clay into perfect, smooth balls.

Polymer clay embroidery bead earrings

Slide the tip of each ball onto a pin to make it easier to work with. Slide it in carefully, rolling and twisting the pin as you slowly push it up through the ball. Repeat the same for the other ball.

How to make polymer clay beads

Create the leaves

Next, for the leaves, take a different colored clay; in my case, I chose a beautiful pastel green. Roll it until it shapes into a thin pipe, as shown. Next, cut out tiny pieces with your blade.

Make polymer clay beads

Take a piece and flatten it with your index finger so that it has a leaf-like flattened shape. With a pin, lay the green pastel piece on the bottom side of the bead. With your pin, create a middle line and 3 outer lines by gently stroking it. Repeat this step all around the bead itself, making sure it is evenly distributed around the circumference.

How to make polymer clay embroidery earrings

Create more leaves

Take a third colored clay ball and roll it out just like you did with the leaves—portion into tiny pieces. With your index finger, flatten it down but this time, make it elongated so that it’s longer than the green leaves.

Make polymer clay embroidery earrings

Carefully place these between each green leaf, making a slight fold in the middle with your pin.


This process can take a while, so play some music or put your favorite podcast on while making your polymer clay beads.

Poke small holes

Poke indents

Next, using your pin, poke some indents on the upper portion of the bead. These should be tiny holes that are paired in threes. This will give your beads some pattern and depth. Make sure to repeat the whole process on the other bead. 

Beautiful polymer clay beads

Now you have a set of stunning polymer clay beads. As mentioned, you can use these beauties as earrings, as shown above, or in a necklace. It’s your own work of art that you get to wear, giving you a unique personal touch to your accessories. Happy beading!

Suggested materials:
  • Pins
  • Polymer clay
  • Blade

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  • Gwyn Dean Gwyn Dean on Apr 17, 2022

    Very pretty😊 Are they light weight?

    • Leslie Leslie on Apr 17, 2022

      Hi Gwen, polyclay is light weight but if you want to make it feel lighter you can make an armature of a tinfoil ball first and then cover with the clay. Make sure you knead the clay well first to soften and to make the clay pliable. I would suggest to skewer the foil ball before covering with the clay.

  • Leslie Leslie on Apr 17, 2022

    Lovely, thank you for sharing :)