Casual Wear
Your 3 Second Hack to Looking Stylish

Yes, there does exist a magical, unicorn, fairy dust style tip that can help you look more stylish in just 3 seconds. And it’s something I do every day. Yep, every. single. day. What is it, you ask? Front-tucking your shirt! I’m always amazed at how few people actually do this because it’s THE number one way to look stylish in seconds no matter what you’re wearing. Have I convinced you yet? Read on for the low down behind this style tip!

How To Hide A Baby Bump - 8 Style Tips To Keep Your Pregnancy Secret!

So you’re in the first trimester and you already have a noticeable baby bump? Or maybe you’re well into the second trimester and you’re just not quite ready to tell people yet… Whatever the reason for wanting to keep your pregnancy under wraps, I hope this post, sharing 8 style tips to hide a baby bump can help you out!

Three Easy Ways To Revamp Basic Tops Without A Sewing Machine

With conscious fashion on the rise, we all are doing our best to keep clothing alive and wearable for as long as possible… and I’m totally here for it!I’m also here, to help give you some fresh and fashionable ways to do that. So, here are three easy ways to upcycle your tops (no sewing machine required)

How to Style 1 Turtleneck 5 Ways

As part of my FallWardrobeChallenge, I’m featuring a new look each week with different styles that feel so right during the Fall. I do a new look every day on Instagram with a video with tips and tricks on how to style the outfits. Each post is linked to with suggestions for your favorite pieces. Click on the photos to check them out!5 days – 5 outfits and here’s the round up! PLUS a bonus day with links, as well!This is such a basic piece that has so many possibilities! And I’m going to show you a few this week. Five ways to style a favorite Fall basic that will get your creative juices flowing

Learn How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe That Will Work for All Seasons

Living a minimalist lifestyle is so rewarding, but it can be really intimidating to figure out where to begin. A great way to get started is to create a capsule wardrobe, with clothing items that you can use in different seasons and occasions. In this tutorial, I’ll show you some of the pieces in my capsule wardrobe and some of the different outfits I like to make out of them. Once you have the right clothes in your repertoire, living a minimalist lifestyle gets easier!

Take Your Wardrobe From Formal to Casual With This Style Guide

If you’re a working woman, I’m sure you have a closet full of formal clothes. However, what happens to those clothes when you aren’t in the office? I’ll show you how to take seven different outfits from formal to casual with just a few changes. It’s always great to get some extra use out of your favorite pieces, and just because you’re dressing down doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! If you like what I do here, check out my YouTube channel for more great ideas to help you find your personal style!

7 New Ways to Rock Your Jean Jacket

Calling all jean jacket lovers! If your jean jacket is on daily rotation in your wardrobe and you're ready to mix things up, I've got you covered with 7 new ways to rock your jean jacket.

Mustard Yellow and Fall Weather for Me and Mini

Did you hear? Mustard Yellow is the new beige I love this Fall color and I love pairing it to match my mini me!I love the Fall weather SO much but it can be challenging since the second the sun goes down it fridgid but even low 60s can feel hot in the sun with no wind. Layering this time of year is a must.Here are some easy way to put together matching outfits for the fall season with that mustard yellow pop of color!

How to Style an All Black Outfit Two Ways

It’s just something about the color black that you just can’t help but be drawn too. One thing’s for sure the color is flattering and easy to put together. You can go either dressed up or casual and for me it’s my number one go-to when I want to look pulled together, so when doubt, wear black. In my opinion wearing black will never go out of style and is a great color to have as apart of your wardrobe. I will show you how I styled one look two ways that’s super easy for day or night.

How to Style 1 Denim Jacket 5 Ways

As part of my Fall Wardrobe Challenge, I’m featuring a new look each week with different styles that feel so right during the Fall. I do a new look every day on Instagram with a video with tips and tricks on how to style the outfits. Each post is linked to with suggestions for your favorite pieces. Click on the photos to check them out!

Petite Style Tips to Get You Through This Fall

Being 4’11 I definitely know the struggles shorter women can face when it comes to clothing and fashion. I decided to create a petite style video specific to the fall season to give you all the tips and tricks for dressing up this fall. In my style guide, I will be sharing what works for me and how I create the illusion of height through my clothing and styling choices. If you want to look tall this fall, follow my tutorial and learn my fall style hacks! For more fashion and style videos visit my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram.

5 Ways to Style a White T-Shirt

I decided to do a closet cleanout and get rid of clothes I wasn’t wearing. It feels great to have an organized, minimalist wardrobe. One thing I couldn’t get rid of was my perfect plain white t-shirt. A white t-shirt is a must in every girl’s closet and I love that it can be styled in different ways to create outfits for every mood! Check out my tutorial below for five ways you can style your white t-shirt proving that less really is more!

5 Ways to Wear a White Tee and Black Jeans

Hi friends! I love patterns and color, but sometimes it's just so easy to pull on a plain t-shirt and jeans. I'd like to show you how with just two basic pieces you can take your look from day to night and from home to the office. Check out my five ways to style a white tee and black jeans!

5 Ways You Should Be Styling a Graphic Tee

After getting back from my trip to Las Vegas, I knew I had to share with you guys a way to style this ‘I be Trippin’’ graph t-shirt. There are so many fun ways to style a graphic tee, so if you’re looking to spice up your closet with a few, stay tuned!

Back to Basics: How to Style a T-Shirt

As your self proclaimed style guide for doing a lot with a little, I am so excited to share with you guys my ways to style a t-shirt. These are just a couple of my favorite looks for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

From Business to Casual: Style a T-shirt 5 Ways

I’m here to teach you guys how to style a t-shirt for any occasion. No matter if you’re going out, going to work, staying home, or anything in between, I have a look for you! The beauty of a basic white tee is that it’s basic. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, or where it’s from. Just grab your white tee and you’re good to go.

Trend I'm Loving: Graphic T's

One of my favorite trends right now are graphic t's. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, long sleeves, crops, oversized, etc. I want them all! We've seen a huge increase in loungewear and more casual wardrobe essentials over the last year with all of us spending more time working from home and living in comfies. With that, the most versatile item in my closet has become my graphic t's! These are the best for layering and still provide ultimate comfort. Some of my favorite ways to style my graphic t's are with biker shorts, leather leggings, joggers, or distressed denim. Pair with my winter boots for comfort or booties for a night out. This trend is so fun and I can't wait to continue to find new ways to style it. Shop all of these and more here!

DIY clothes

If you're looking for ways to refresh your wardrobe, you've come to the right place! From sewing tutorials and patterns to clothing refashions and alterations, you can find everything you need to create a personalized, custom wardrobe that suits your style.

Learn How to Customize Thrifted Clothes in Under 15 Minutes

On my latest trip to the thrift shop, I managed to get a mound of clothing for under $20. Guess how! It was half off day! Pro tip: find out what day of the week your thrift shop has sales and make it a point to go then. Whenever I go to the thrift shop, I am always on the lookout for clothes that I can add quick fixes to make them work for me. This latest thrifting excursion was no exception! I picked up an adorable gingham shirt, an oversized denim dress, and a gorgeous pair of black Levi’s that were a few sizes too large for me. I’ll show you how I easily customized them to fit me and my style in a matter of minutes! Check out my step-by-step tutorial below to learn how you can do it yourself!

Recycling an Old but Pretty Dress Into a Super Cute Top!

So, I picked up this embroidered dress from a thrift shop, it was a bit snug but I thought "I'll slim down over the summer and it will look gorgeous!" Nahh no such luck!

Travel Back in Time With This Cottagecore Top

After recently doing a huge clothing haul, I found a blue-collared blouse which was a piece I just had to have! I loved the fabric and pattern but I couldn’t shake the feeling that the shirt had a lot more potential. I decided to create my own peasant style top from the blouse and I am so thrilled with the results! If you are looking to do a quick and easy cottagecore DIY on an old shirt sitting in your closet, then the tutorial below is definitely for you!

Make Your Own Reformation Inspired Crop Top Set

Today I will show you how to easily make a crop top and skirt set inspired by Reformation dress that I found online. You will be satisfied with the finish garments and your pockets will be happy. All you need is a dress that has an elastic waistline for you to be able to recreate this clever DIY set.

How to Add Sleeves to a Sleeveless Top (or Dress!)

When I first started to refashion garments in my closet, I would add sleeves to my sleeveless tops and dresses. This and lengthening dresses is what I first did when I began to refashion. Even though I've shown the tutorial throughout various posts, I decided to make an "official" tutorial post. While I do wear sleeveless tops on occasion, I prefer sleeves, so learning how to make and add sleeves was a must for me!

Turn a Silk Long Sleeved Shirt Into a Cami Perfect for Summer

I had an old silk top that just didn’t fit right anymore. The fabric was so beautiful that I didn’t want to just throw it away, so I decided to turn it into a cute cami perfect for my summer wardrobe! If you haven’t made your own pattern, it’s actually quite easy! You simply need a piece from your wardrobe that fits you well and you can make your own top in a similar style! So grab an old shirt and follow my step-by-step tutorial below to make your own adorable cami top!

Refashion a Men's Dress Shirt Into a Cute DIY Puff Sleeve Dress

I love turning old clothes into something new and unexpected. In this DIY project, I upcycled an old men’s button-down long-sleeve shirt into a cute fitted DIY puff sleeve dress with a square neckline! There is a bit of pattern making involved, so there are quite a few steps, but I’ve laid it all out for you, step-by-step, so that you can make one just right for you! Follow my tutorial below to get started!

Create the Cutest DIY Babydoll Butterfly Sleeve Dress From T-Shirts

Looking for a great summer dress that you can put together yourself? This DIY babydoll dress with butterfly sleeves is perfect for you! Easy to make, flattering for any size or shape, and super customizable, it’s sure to become a wardrobe staple. All you need is a few t-shirts, scissors, a sewing machine, and some basic sewing knowledge to create this simple dress. Create one in every color for yourself, or give them away as gifts to your girlfriends! Follow my step-by-step tutorial below to get started now!

Make a Dress From a Men's Shirt With This Fun Thrift Flip

I love thrifting! It’s easy to find previously owned clothing that works perfectly for me, but sometimes I like to breathe new life into old clothing. This thrift flip isn’t difficult at all, and will provide you with a cute, unique dress. Men’s dress shirts are certainly not in short supply at thrift stores, so you won’t have any problem finding one that you like and that works for you. Check out my step-by-step tutorial below to get started on your own thrift flip today!

How to Create Two No-Sew Red Carpet Worthy Dresses

In my work as a TV host I’ve found myself attending quite a few red carpets, and I wanted to put my creativity to use and DIY a dress or two. Now, I didn’t want to be lugging out a sewing machine or dealing with patterns, so I figured why not make a no-sew dress or two? Both of the dresses I’ll be showing you how to make can be made without a single stitch, using just safety pins and a dot or two of fabric glue to hold it together. They turn out so stunning and professional looking that you’ll have more than one person asking where you got your one-of-a-kind dress! One last thing. I very much recommend you wear a strapless slip underneath your dress. We won’t be lining the dress so the slip will act as a lining. Let’s get started! Check out my step-by-step tutorial below to make two different no-sew sequin cocktail dresses today! Also, if you like what you see, head on over to my blog for more great DIY projects!

Turn an Old Pair of Jeans Into a DIY Designer Denim Mini Dress!

Breathe New Life Into an Old Dress With This Thrift Flip Dress

On my latest thrifting excursion, I had found a maxi denim dress in great shape that just wasn’t quite my style. I didn’t want to pass up such a good deal, so I knew that my only option was a thrift flip! If you haven’t heard of it yet, a thrift flip is when you take a piece of clothing from the thrift store and give it a makeover to fit your style. This dress was perfect for a thrift flip because it had so much fabric! Follow along as I turn this shirred tube top dress into a button-down V-neck dress perfect for a night on the town!

Jumpsuits & Rompers
Turn a $5 Pair of Pants Into Short Overalls With This DIY Thrift Flip

I love me a good upcycle, and this thrift is certainly a satisfying one! I had found an oversized pair of linen pants at my local thrift shop and fell in love with the fabric. Something else I love is overalls! So I decided to put these two things I love together and create some fun short overalls from the pants. If overalls aren’t your thing then keep scrolling, but if they are then this fun project is perfect for you! Check out my step-by-step tutorial below to make your own thrift flip overalls!

Turn A T-shirt Into A Jumpsuit With This Easy Tutorial

I had this T-shirt that I absolutely loved, after having reverse tie-dyed it myself. The problem was that it was huge on me. So I decided to get a bit creative. With just a few snips and a little bit of sewing, I turned that oversized T-shirt into a brand new jumpsuit. In this tutorial I’ll talk you through how to upcycle one of your shirts with not much more than a pair of scissors, and a little bit of sewing. Follow the steps below and before you know it you’ll be rocking your brand new jumpsuit!

Pants To Overalls Refashion

The last time I had some overalls, I was in the second grade, so I was due for a new pair right? I had been seeing these skirt overalls throughout social media, and I really liked them. One day as I was scrolling down Facebook, I saw a short video tutorial of someone turning shorts into overalls, and I thought "hey I could do that with a skirt!" And here were are with my tutorial.

Turn Your Old Maxi Dress Cute Again

Hey DIY'ers before you throw away or donate your old maxi dress consider transforming it to a stylish jumpsuit instead. The result is super cute and you will be so proud of yourself once your project is completed.

Create Your Own Awesome Overalls From an Old Pair of Pants

I used to work at this Japanese restaurant called Karin that I really loved. The owners were so nice and it was a great experience for me. Recently, the owners’ daughter got in touch with me and said she wanted to know how to make overalls. So I found a pair of pants that I was willing to upcycle and turned them into a super cute pair of overalls instead. I love the way they turned out, so keep reading to learn how to make your own.

Turn a Men’s Shirt Into a Super Cool Jumpsuit With This Tutorial

I love upcycling and I love jumpsuits. So it was only natural for me to upcycle a unique jumpsuit. I decided to use a men’s button-down shirt, and the results are mind-blowing! Wait until you see the completed jumpsuit—it’s hard to believe it started off as a shirt! In this tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how I did this project so that you can try it out for yourself.

How to Redo My Jeans

I love jeans!

How to Shorten Your Jeans Without Sewing

Tracy Gold shows you an easy way to shorten your jeans without sewing. For a list of the tools you may need click here

Up Your Style With These DIY Sequin Distressed Jeans

Looking to add some glam to your wardrobe? This project is perfect for you! I’ll show you how I turned a plain pair of jeans into a fashion statement with reversible sequin fabric. By using reversible sequin fabric, I’ve added some more versatility, and fun, to my pants. This project is great for a beginner and you don’t even need a sewing machine to get it done. Want to learn how I did it? Check out my step-by-step tutorial below!

15 Amazing Ways You Can Easily Alter and Upcycle Jeans

This tutorial is all about upcycling jeans. Got a whole bunch of jeans you don’t wear anymore? Get ready to wear them again because I am going to show you how to upcycle jeans or alter them so that they go back to being your closet favorites.There’s really no need to get rid of old denim when you can turn it into something fabulous! Watch the tutorial below to learn how to make your forgotten pair of jeans into one of your most worn pieces.

Tips and Tricks for Upcycling Your Jeans in 10 Minutes

In this tutorial, I show you how to upcycle jeans into super-trendy pairs of Bermuda shorts. I also teach you all the tips and tricks to choosing the right pair of jeans for this awesome upcycle. If you want to learn how to do this super fun and easy DIY that will leave you with a summer closet essential, my tutorial is for you! Follow my simple, step-by-step guide and get started on taking your denim to a whole new level!

3 Ways to Use Rhinestone Fringe: DIY Rhinestone Shorts, Dress & Top

Need a bit of sparkle in your life? In this DIY rhinestone fringe tutorial, I'm going to show you how to attach rhinestone trim to fabric to make DIY rhinestone shorts, a dress, and even a cold-shoulder top.I have been obsessed with trendy rhinestone fringe fashion but in-store, this style costs quite a bit. You can easily recreate this look for your clothes and stick to the budget. Let's get started with this rhinestone fringe triple threat!

Turn Baggy Sweatpants Into Chic Jogger Pants

I love taking old clothes and turning them into something new. In this project, I’ll show you how I took a regular pair of sweatpants and turned them into jogger pants. This project is as simple as one, two, three...steps! In just three steps and fifteen minutes, you’ll have transformed a pair of baggy old sweatpants into stylish jogger pants that will make you want to go out for a run! Don’t believe me? Check out my step-by-step tutorial below to see how you can do it yourself!

Turn a Flowy Maxi Skirt Into Palazzo Pants

Everybody needs at least one pair of palazzo pants. They’re flowy, comfy, and just perfect for wearing around the house, or even for a day of shopping! Don’t have a pair? I’ll show you how you can make your own from a maxi skirt. If you don’t happen to have an extra maxi skirt lying around, they are often quite easy to find at your local thrift store. Just pick one with a pattern you love and I’ll show you how to do the rest with my step-by-step tutorial below!

See How to Turn Baggy Pants Into a Crop Top and Elastic Pants Set

Everyone loves a good thrift flip! Recently I was gifted a vintage pair of baggy Ralph Lauren pants with a funky waistband. They were great pants and I didn’t want to mess with them at first because I really did like them and I was scared to ruin them. The more I thought about it, though, I realized that I was just not likely to wear these pants as they were. So I worked up my courage and picked up my scissors, and ended up with an outfit I am super happy with and will definitely be wearing.

Turn Your Old Maxi Skirt to A Matching Crop Top and Yoga Pants Set

Today it's time to up-style your old maxi skirt to na new and trendy yoga set.

Upcycled Tablecloth Chi-Town Chinos

How to Upcycle a Jumpsuit

See how I turned a jumpsuit into these 3, very fashionable pieces:1) A jacket2) pants3) collar

How to Make a Patchwork Sweater Skirt

I love to reuse material & repurpose clothing! In this tutorial, I'll be showing you some sweater recycle/upcycle patchwork skirts I have made. These skirts come together fairly quickly, especially if you have a serger.

No Sewing Needed for This DIY Denim Skirt

A basic denim skirt is a wardrobe staple, but you don’t necessarily need to run out to the mall to grab one for yourself. I’ll show you how you can create a customized denim skirt from clothing that you already own! All you need is a pair of jeans! Any pair will work, though if you can find a pair made of stretchy denim they will work the best. I think the best part of this entire project is that you don’t need to sew a single stitch! Check out my tutorial below to see how I did it! Also, if you like what you see, head on over to my blog for more great DIY projects!

Turn an Old Pair of Shorts Into a Cute Skirt in Just Three Steps!

Do you have an old pair of shorts just screaming for a makeover? This refashion project is just what you need! I’ll show you how to take a pair of old, worn-out shorts and turn them into a cute skirt in just three steps! This project only takes a few minutes and you’ll end up with an addition to your wardrobe unique to you. Follow my step-by-step tutorial below to get started making your own DIY skirt from shorts!

Turn a Wrap Dress Into a Wrap Skirt With Ties

So I have this dress that I have had for years but I just don’t love it. I’ve actually almost gotten rid of it multiple times, only for it to be shoved back into my closet. There are a lot of things about the dress that I hate. I don’t like how the top part sits on me, or the tie around the waist, but I do love the skirt part of the dress. So I decided to chop it up and create a wrap skirt! Follow along with me and learn how you can do this yourself!

Turn An Old Pair Of Jeans Into A Skirt With This Tutorial

What do you do when you have a pair of jeans you no longer like to wear? I had a pair like that that I was prepared to donate when I suddenly had the idea to upcycle them instead! I’d been wanting a denim skirt anyway so it really worked out perfectly. I’d never tried anything like this before, but it looked simple enough so I was excited to give it a go!

Turn a Pair of Old Jeans Into a Fun New Skirt

There’s no better fashion statement than the perfect denim skirt! It’s an essential in every girl’s closet and can be styled and worn on any occasion. If you love the wash of a pair of denim jeans or shorts and wish you could have the same color for a skirt then this step by step tutorial is for you! Follow this easy tutorial and learn how to upcycle a pair of old pants or shorts to create a gorgeous denim skirt for any occasion.

Take a Sweater From Blah to Beautiful With This Sweater Thrift Flip

Turn an old, stretched out sweater into a button-up cardigan tailored to fit you perfectly! You don’t need to throw out your old clothes, you can refashion them! I’ll show you just how easy it is to save your sweaters from the trash heap while creating stylish wardrobe staples at the same time. This project is so easy that you might just run out to the thrift store to grab a bunch of bargain sweaters and make one in every color! Follow my step-by-step tutorial below to see how I did it!

DIY Pom-Pom Sweater

Step into Fall with this really cute and simple pom-pom sweater DIY!

Out With the Unloved Dress and in With the Lovely New Cardi!

So last year I made a dress from a burn out jersey, I really liked the fabric but the dress was never worn it just stayed hung in my wardrobe. I am going to show you my refashion and I really hope it inspires you to remake those unloved garments!!

Three Original Ideas for Turning Thrift Finds Into Awesome Outfits

If you’ve ever seen any of my videos, you know how much I love thrifting. Almost as much as I love a good upcycle. I really enjoy going to a thrift store and specifically finding things that don’t work for me and figuring out how to make them work—it’s super satisfying. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through three different upcycles I did with thrift store finds. The most I spent was $4. Ready...set...THRIFT FLIP!

How to Upcycle a T-Shirt With Sweater Sleeves

The cold weather inspired me to refashion this henley t-shirt with sweater sleeves. I stole the idea from this Free People Henley. Instead of paying $68, I made my version for less than $10 with thrift store finds. And I had enough sweater left over to make a matching pencil skirt.

DIY 3D Light-Up Snow Globe Ugly Christmas Sweater

You don't need much to create a pretty awesome "ugly" Christmas sweater to turn heads at every holiday party this year! Here's how to make a 3D light-up snow globe sweater using simple items from the dollar tree. Enjoy!Full video tutorial:

Muddy Stained Shoes SAVED With Fusion Mineral Paint!

After helping at a festival in Toowoomba, Queensland, where red dirt mixed with rain turns into mud ... our shoes came out a little worse for wear! So I decided instead of sending them to the trash, I'd experiment with some Fusion Mineral Paint.

How To Clean Ugg Boots or Any Sheepskin Boots At Home

If you own Ugg boots or any other sheepskin boots for that matter, then this post is for you! I live in mine during the winter, but they get dirty pretty easily and are very expensive to have professionally cleaned. After a trip to NY last year where I wore mine in the rain, I was ready to toss them. I decided to try to clean them myself, and the results were amazing! My boots look and feel like new again!

Colorful Kicks Using Unicorn SPiT. @SPiTchallenge!

So I was inspired by the simple, plain looking sneakers. Nothing exciting about these at first, but I was getting ready to make a big difference with Unicorn SPiT!

DIY Pineapple Shoes

DIY Boho Sandals

I recently went on a mini vacation and saw some gorgeous boho clothing and accessories! After looking at some of the expensive price tags, I thought; "How hard could it be to make some of these things myself?" Then I received the Boye Pom Pom and Tassel Maker and attended a maker workshop at CLFair with Boye/Simplicity's Michele Muska. She showed us how to use it and I was hooked. As soon as I got home I started using mine. I sketched up some ideas, took a trip to Joanns Stores for trims, floss and grabbed $5 sandals from Five Below, the result are these Boho Style Sandals using the Boye Pom Pom and Tassel Maker with DMC Floss. Fast and easy, no sewing, just fabric glue. First I will show you how to make the mini tassels using the Boye Pom Pom Tassel Maker. Then how to put all the pieces together to make these sandals. This machine is perfect for making pom poms and tassels for pillows, curtains, baskets, bags, clothing, shoes and more.

DIY Glitter Shoes

Turn your plain sneakers into this fashion statement for a fraction of the price! Perfect for back to school or anyone who wants to add some sparkle to their life.

Repurpose Old Jeans to Utility Belt

Before you toss those old jeans with thread bare legs and holes in the knees, cut off the back pockets and waist band.

DIY Waist Snatching Belt

This project is super fun and so easy to do. With just a few materials, you’ll have multiple customized belts in different styles, but all will be gorgeous and all will look amazing on you! Best part? They’re clear! That means they’ll go with any outfit you want. You can customize the thickness of the belts as well as the buckles/ties to really bring a pop of your personality to this super versatile accessory. Follow this tutorial for easy step-by-step instructions on a few different variations. The order is slightly different than in the video, but either way, you’ll get this done! If you like what you see, check out my blog for more great DIYs!

Create Your Own D-Ring Belt With This Easy Tutorial

Everyone knows that belts are a very important accessory. Besides holding up your pants, they can be really cute and add that extra pop of color and personality to your outfit. Who knew, though, that they can be so easy to make?! In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to make your very own D-ring belts that you can customize to your taste and rock any outfit with!

DIY Leather Skinny Belt

After searching for the perfect black leather skinny belt with no luck, I finally just decided to make one myself! This shockingly quick and simple DIY leather skinny belt looks incredible with dresses and my high-waisted denim and has instantly become one of my all-time favorite wardrobe accessories. You can also view the full tutorial on my blog here, or watch the video on my YouTube channel!

Easily Transform a Purse Into a Purse Belt With This Tutorial

Ladies know the constant struggle of finding a fashionable way to carry around their belongings. Many of our outfits don’t have pockets, and purses can be cumbersome and annoying to keep track of. The perfect solution? A purse belt! In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the steps of transforming a purse you probably already have lying around into a practical but still fashionable purse belt. So grab that purse and follow along!

Make Your Own DIY Leather Belt Under 1 Hour

Make a DIY leather belt that fits your size and sits snug around your waist. As we all know, it’s sometimes hard to get the right-sized leather belt in a store. In this easy tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a DIY leather belt in literally under an hour. You get to decide how many holes you want, the right size, color, and of course, the buckle you want to attach. I love these customized projects and I know you will too!