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This project is super fun and so easy to do. With just a few materials, you’ll have multiple customized belts in different styles, but all will be gorgeous and all will look amazing on you! Best part? They’re clear! That means they’ll go with any outfit you want. You can customize the thickness of the belts as well as the buckles/ties to really bring a pop of your personality to this super versatile accessory. Follow this tutorial for easy step-by-step instructions on a few different variations. The order is slightly different than in the video, but either way, you’ll get this done! If you like what you see, check out my blog for more great DIYs!

Materials for a DIY no-sew belt

Tools and Materials:

  • Clear vinyl
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary blade
  • Belt buckle
  • Ties or strings
  • Leather hole punch
  • Fabric ruler (or tape measure)
  • Grommets (optional, but recommended!)
  • Sewing machine (totally optional!) 
Cut the material for your no-sew belt
Cut your material

Using your rotary blade on your cutting mat, cut the width you want your belt to be. For the corset style, I did 4” but after completing it, I actually recommend doing about 2.5-3”. Put in a fresh blade in your rotary tool, because this material is thick! You’ll have to press down, but once you’ve got that cut it should go right through. Use your ruler to help you keep your cut nice and straight.

Measurements for your DIY belt
Measure your waist

For the corset style, you want to cut the belt down to less than the measurement of your waist. So pull the measuring tape tight, because that’s what we’ll be doing with the belt. My measurement was 25”, so I made my belt 23”.

Cut the length
Cut the length of your belt

Using your ruler and cutting board again, cut your strip of material down to the measurement you took.

DIY corset belt
Add your holes

Mark where you want to put in your holes (I started half an inch in, and placed them in an inch apart so that I had 4 holes). Then use your leather hole punch to cut out those holes on one side of the belt. Fold your belt over and use your existing holes to punch holes in the same spot on the other side of the belt. Then, though not absolutely necessary, I do recommend popping a grommet into each hole to keep the material from tearing when you pull it tight. 

Lace up your belt

Using any tie or string you want, lace up your belt. You’re going to have to unlace it to put it on you, but this will allow you to figure out exactly how you’ll want to do that. It’s best if whatever you’re using to tie it isn’t too stretchy. 

That’s one belt done! Now check out these different variations.

Measure your DIY clear belt
Measure the inside of your buckle

If you’re using a buckle, first you’re going to measure the internal dimension of the buckle. The belt is going to go through the buckle, so you want to make sure you’re getting the inner measurements and not the outer ones.

DIY clear belt with buckle
Insert your buckle

To make a belt with a buckle, you’re not going to punch any holes into your belt. Instead, you’re going to insert one end of the belt into the buckle by going up over the middle bar, then back down under the bar. Then pull the tail in the direction it came from. 

Sew your DIY belt with buckle
Sew your buckle

Using your sewing machine, sew down that tail right under the buckle. I tried to sew as close to the buckle as possible so that the stitch would be hidden by the belt, but I also have a clear belt that I bought that you can see the stitching, so either way is good!

DIY belt with buckle
Cut the excess

Cut off the remainder of that tail. I tried to cut it as close to the buckle as possible so that the excess would be hidden by the buckle. 

Put on your DIY belt
Put it on!

Put the belt around your waist and loop the other side through, then pull it tight. What’s really cool about this material is that it sticks to itself, so the end of the belt will stick down to itself around your waist and it will stay in place.

Another belt completed!

DIY belt
Mark a hole for the prong

If you’re using a belt buckle with a prong, you’re going to need to make a hole for it. So after you’ve completed the above steps for the buckle, put the belt on and pull as tight as possible. Then mark where the prong touches, and use your leather hole puncher to punch out a hole. Then you just snap the prong into the hole when you’re wearing the belt.

Finish up your DIY waist snatch belt
Clean your belt

The last step for all the belts is just to clean them! Because it’s a clear material and I was handling it with my hands, they just got a little cloudy. So I used regular window cleaner spray to just go over it and get that shine back.

How to make a DIY clear belt

How to make a DIY corset belt

Make your own DIY buckle belt

That’s it! Just like that, you have three new belts that will go with just about anything! I loved this project and I’m so happy with how customizable it is and how it just sucks in my waist for me! It was seriously so easy to do and I just think these belts are so cute! Which style is your favorite? Do you have a specific buckle you’re dying to try this with? Show me in the comments! 

Suggested materials:
  • Clear vinyl
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary blade
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