This Astonishing DIY Crochet Dress Was Actually Made From Old Blankets

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Welcome to the season’s hottest trend! Crochet, baby! I’m going to show you how to make a DIY crochet dress with this amazing upcycle tutorial.

Sure, I wasn’t going to crochet a whole dress, but what I did do was find some crochet thrifted pieces at my local thrift store. I will also show you how to make a tank top from the same blanket.

This crochet summer dress DIY is incredible, so stop what you’re doing and discover how easy it actually is to make these items for yourself - no sewing machine needed!

Tools and materials:

  • Spool of yarn
  • Crochet blankets
  • Darning needle
  • Mannequin (optional)

The inspiration:

This isn't your grandmother's crochet

The spring and summer crochet trend

Now let's get started!

Wrapping the crochet blanket on a mannequin

DIY Crochet Dress

1. Wrap the dress

Ok, so I’m using a dummy as it’s way easier to maneuver around and place the crochet blanket. If you don’t have one, working on yourself should do the trick, too.

Start by anchoring the corners of the crochet blanket to the shoulder. 

Pinning the ends of the blanket at the back

Next, wrap both ends around the back and pin in place. 

Adding yarn to the crochet dress

2. Insert the yarn

Now, cut a super long piece of yarn, and insert it into one of the loops on the edge of the blanket. This DIY crochet dress is super easy because there are holes everywhere, and anchoring in some yarn is a breeze!

So, put the loop to the side, make a slip knot, and repeat to make a stunning lace-up back on your DIY crochet dress. 

Adding yarn to the side of the dress

I added another piece of yarn to the adjacent side of the dress and looped through to the opposite side, as shown. I anchored it under the arm so that the bust stays put. 

Creating a crisscross back with yarn

I then made an intuitive crisscross design on the back.

Trying on the backless DIY crochet dress

For extra strength, I added another piece of yarn up and over the shoulder, as shown. 

Braiding the yarn hanging off the DIY crochet dress

3. Braid the yarn

I wanted some more intricate detail to the dress, so I decided to braid the yarn. To get this right, take three super long pieces, and fold them in half, so you have six. 

Creating a slip knot on the dress

Take the loop, where you folded it in half, and with that part, pick your anchor point, and do a slip knot into the dress. 

How to crochet a dress for beginners

Then, braid that super long piece of yarn. 

Replacing yarn with braided pieces

I eventually took the individual yarn pieces out as I was adding the new braided ones. Simply continue doing this for the whole dress, as shown. 

Hand sewing the back of the DIY crochet dress

4. Sew the back of the DIY crochet dress

Now, take your giant thread and thread them back together. To do this, simply stitch through the crochet, going in and out and creating big stitches. Each stitch should be around an inch apart. 

DIY crochet dress from thrifted blankets

DIY crochet dress tutorial

Isn’t this DIY crochet dress just breathtaking? I love it!

The back of the crochet summer dress DIY

It has an asymmetrical bottom, and the braided yarn at the back really gives it a magical touch! It’s such an easy tutorial, and the result is so worth it! 

Using a dress to create the crop top pattern

Crochet crop top

1. Draw the pattern

Originally, I started out making another DIY crochet dress with a different blanket. So, I started by using a dress as a guide and measuring the blanket to my desired length. 

Cutting the crochet blanket around the dress

Next, cut and follow the line of your dress, as shown. Make sure to cut it a little larger to accommodate some seam allowance. 

Sewing the fabric pieces together with thick yarn

2. Stitch it up

Again, you don’t need a sewing machine. Stitch the sides with your trusted yarn and needle.

Using a sewing machine to quickly stitch the edges

Even though you don't need a sewing machine and I wanted the effect of the hand-sewn yarn, I wasn't sure if my idea was going to work.

So, to check what my dress would look like before I went any further, I busted out my sewing machine and stitched the raw edges with a zigzag stitch. 

DIY crochet dress with straps

I'm glad I did because this was the result. If this is something you like, great! You have yourself a DIY crochet dress! I didn’t love this style myself, so I decided to turn the dress into a top instead. Sometimes in DIY, you just have to go with the flow!

Cutting the dress into a crop top

3. Modify the dress

I decided to crop the dress, and of course, I ended up with two more crochet items! 

Clean-finishing the fabric edge with a knotting technique

Once you have your crop top, it’s a good idea to clean-finish the edge. Here, I am basically looping it and creating a knot, too. To see this technique, skip to 7:55 minutes in the video. 

Tip: The stitches were so tight that the bottom started curling into a lettuce-like effect that I actually liked. So, keep that in mind when stitching. 

Trying out three different strap versions

4. Add the shoulder straps

I had a couple of ideas for the shoulder straps. Here, you can see three versions. I basically took some scrap material for this step. 

DIY crochet crop top

DIY crochet crop top tutorial

Ok, here’s the final look. I decided to go with the classic black straps in the end. I love the pink yarn; it gives the crop top a fantastic pop of color! I’m so glad I went with the crop top look in the end, as it’s really custom and unique.  

Let me know what you think of both of these crochet DIYs in the comments. Which do you prefer: the DIY crochet dress or DIY crochet crop top?

Suggested materials:
  • Spool of yarn
  • Crochet blankets
  • Darning needle
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  • Jacquie Wisor Jacquie Wisor on May 15, 2022

    I think you did a phenomenal job!! You also look Ahhmazing in both!! The back of the dress looks stunning especially on your body frame!!! Incredible job!! Thank you for sharing you obviously are extremely talented!

  • Pat v. Pat v. on Aug 17, 2023

    gosh! what a fantastic job and idea. adore the tops for sure. thanks a million. fall clothes i'm a making.