How to Wear Your Lipstick as a Gloss

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
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You probably have a favourite shade of lipstick that has become your go-to colour. However, you've probably also collected a few that aren't quite your favourite and that are collecting dust in your cupboard. For this hack, I'm going to show you my trick for turning a lipstick into a DIY gloss. Sometimes it's nice to switch things up or tone down a typically bold colour.

To begin, grab both your lipstick and some sort of colourless base. I like to use this Lanolips balm, but also love using regular Vaseline. Any other type of clear gloss or balm would work great too. The colour here is one that I find too bold for my everyday look but ends up turning out beautifully as a gloss with this hack!

Using the back of your hand, swipe on some of the lipstick and some of the clear base. Any type of clean surface that will allow your to transfer the product onto will work, using the back of your hand isn't necessary if you prefer otherwise.

I know it doesn't look pretty, but mix the two together using a brush or cotton swab until it blends and the colour transfers into the clear base. Repeat the process until you have enough to fully apply to your lips.

Here is the finished look! I personally prefer muted and nude colours on my lips, so having the option to tone down darker colours helps me to use products that I wouldn't normally reach for.

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  • Karen Mckinney Karen Mckinney on Oct 18, 2022

    Yes I’m getting ready to try some of my lipsticks. Thanks

  • Charlotte Bayer Charlotte Bayer on Oct 28, 2023

    Is it necessary to mix the

    base and the lipstick before using or can you smooth some vasiline on your lips first and then apply lipstick

    • Hol Hol on Oct 29, 2023

      I put the darker color on first, dab a small amount of Vaseline straight on lips (no mess), then lighter color. Blend, tissue kiss, trace outlines with tissue as it bleeds, and you're done. Recheck often for bleeding.