Exactly How to Tie a Knot in a Button Down Shirt

by Withatouchofluxe
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Learn this super easy style hack that turns a button down shirt into a fitted, knotted, and perfect top for summer!

A classic button down shirt should be in EVERY women’s closet. Whether it is the timeless white, a soft chambray, a cozy flannel, or oxford stripe, a button down shirt is a wardrobe essential.

Traditionally, these shirts are reserved for office wear or cooler weather but today I am sharing a quick styling hack to update your favorite button down.

This simple trick on how to tie a knot in a button down will instantly summer-ize your shirt and gives it a fresh fun look.

Buttoning shirt

1. Button (and unbutton) your shirt

Unbuttoning shirt

Put on your button down shirt and leave the bottom few buttons undone.

Your knot will be at the top of where the unbuttoned buttons begin.

Take the back of your shirt and fold it under so it is the same length as where the front knot will be.

2. Reverse loop

Looping shirt fabric
Looping shirt fabric

Take the shirt tail that does not have buttons and tuck it behind your shirt, close to your skin.

Thread the shirt tail through the space above the bottom buttoned button. Pull the shirt tail tight.

3. Repeat with the other side

Looping shirt fabric
Looping shirt fabric
Tying shirt

Take the other shirt tail (the one with the buttons) and repeat the reverse loop process.

Bring it behind the shirt, close to your skin, and thread it through the space above the bottom buttoned button. Pull the shirt tail tight.

4. Finish the knot

Tying shirt

Take the two shirt tail ends and pull them tightly. Cross them over each other and knot them once to finish the tie.

Voila! A smooth, fitted, and most definitely not frumpy, knotted button down shirt!

Small styling tricks like this can make such a huge difference! A simple hack, like tying a knot, instantly transforms the look of the button down shirt you’ve worn a million times.

Knotted shirt
Knotted shirt
Knotted shirt

How to tie a button down shirt

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How to tie a button down shirt

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