Funky Painted Jeans

2 Materials
45 Minutes
I have always had a LOVE for painted clothing and Jeans just happened to be one of my favorite projects!!!
Painted with Flower Power Stamping Roller
Grab your old jeans and let's give them some new life!!!
Painted with Lotus Roller pattern
Okay - if you don't have any old jeans that you can paint on or want to practice - then go buy yourself some cheap jeans for the Good Will Store!!! I picked up at least 5 pairs for $5 to $7 bucks each.

Once you have some jeans to play with - the next step is to get out your rollers! My Stamping rollers work very well for creating painted jeans for a fun and fast project!
Stamping Roller with Sweet Pea pattern
So grab your roller and choose one of the patterns to create with - this is the Sweet Pea pattern. Then grab your favorite paint color and Fabric Painting Medium - you will mix these together 2 part paint and 1 part Fabric Painting Medium. Load this onto the foam roller and you will be ready to paint. (You can also use Fabric Paint).

Jeans painted with Sweet Pea pattern
Not only did I paint the lower leg of the jeans - but I taped off the back pockets and painted them as well.......So Cute!!!
Painted Jeans - Sweet Pea pattern
I used DIY Paints by Debi's Design Diary with Fabric Painting Medium - color is Mermaid Tail. I also have a video showing the process so that you can watch all the steps and start painting your own jeans!!!
I'm sure you will have as much as I have had painting my jeans - I have a nice stash from my Good Will trip - so much more to come!!!
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