Alternative Style Hack to Avoid Tucking Bulge

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Does your shirt look bulky when you tuck it in?

Here, I’m going to show you an easy style hack that will allow you to avoid that tucking bulge. Grab a shirt, and let’s jump on in!

Bulky shirt?

Bringing shirt under and up

1. Bring shirt under and up

Start by folding your shirt on one side, then bring the bottom of it up out the top of the shirt.

Buttoning shirt

2. Button up

Proceed to button up the shirt, putting the top two buttons on one side through the bottom two buttonholes on the other side.


3. Tuck under other side

Now tuck under the other side by looping it through. Neaten up the shirt around the front, making sure it’s all of equal length.


4. Tuck back in

Finally, gather the material at the back and tuck it into your pants.

Alternative style hack to avoid tucking bulge

Alternative style hack to avoid tucking bulge

I finished the look off with a belt, and here is the completed look. The shirt looks neat and tidy and isn’t bulky at all. Give this a go, and let me know what you think!

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