Tie Your Flannel Like This Instead

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Are you used to tying your flannel tops in front? Stop doing it!

Stop tying your flannel like this

This style is very clunky and it isn’t fashionable at all. It looks lazy and it isn’t flattering at all. Instead, tie your flannel like this.

Grabbing tails

1. Grab the tails

Button your flannel down except for the last few and grab the tails in both hands.

Pulling end through loop

2. Pull one end through the belt loop

Pull one of the tails through the belt loop of the side you want to position the tie.

Pulling the other tail under the first

3. Pull the other tail under the first 

Instead of pulling the tail through the belt loop, leave a little slack to create a loop with the tie.

Pull the other tail through the loop created by the first flannel tail. 


4. Tighten

Tighten the two tails in opposite directions.

Shirt hack

Shirt hack

Here’s the finished tied flannel look! It’s super cute and allows for an even tighter and waist-cinching tie.

Let me know if you’ll try this style tip down below!

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