The BEST Way to Tuck in a T-Shirt

Tucking in a shirt isn't just for men. It's very fashionable for women to now also tuck in their shirts even if it's just a front tuck.

Different types of tucks include:

Front tuck

  • This is best for when you want to highlight the waistline and show off your tummy

Double side tuck

  • This creates a converx arc and helps minimize the look of the tummy creating a slimmer look

Asymmetrical tuck

  • This creates a diagonal look across your waist

Full tuck

  • This is great if you're tucking in a fitted top into fitted bottomss. This also is nice for a flowy top

Here is the reel I made for my Instagram. Follow me on Instagram @kristinakacheeva for more fashion tips!

Start by folding the bottom of your shirt in large 1" folds

Once you've folded your shirt and it reaches your waist you can stop folding

Tuck the entire shirt into your pants

Here is how it looks in the end!

This is much better than tucking in the shirt without folding because it does not create as much of a buldge.

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