9 Tips for How to Tuck in an Oversized Shirt in a Stylish Way

by Alexa

I’m a big fan of thrifting clothes and often I come across clothes that I like but that don’t fit me perfectly. As a result, I end up tucking a lot of things in.

Many people ask me how to tuck in an oversized shirt in a stylish way. Here I’m going to show you how I do just that and how you can make it look cute at the same time.

Knowing how to style oversized clothing means that you have so many possibilities out there when it comes to thrifting because you know how to make things work even when they’re slightly too big.

Using a belt when tucking tops into jeans

1. Get yourself some belts

One of the most important things you need when it comes to oversized clothing, whether that be oversized tops or oversized bottoms, is a good belt.

A belt can help accentuate your waist and break your body up into top and bottom, giving you more shape.

How to style a big t-shirt

2. How to tuck in an oversized t-shirt

This is my favorite Harley Davidson t-shirt. I very rarely wear it how it is right now. Nearly all the time I tuck it in, and because this t-shirt is quite long, there is a lot of fabric.

I’m wearing it with some jeans that have a good amount of space for me to tuck in this shirt.

How to wear oversized tops with jeans

To tuck the t-shirt in, you want to pull it all up to the front and then move it to the side. Then unzip your pants.

Once unzipped, start from the front and literally just push all the fabric down as much as you possibly can to avoid the shirt from bunching up.

Then, pull up the jeans, zip them, take your handy dandy belt, and put it on.

Next, pull up the jeans to get the jean fabric over the belt - I like having that excess fabric on top of the belt. I then like the top to spill over a little bit, so I pull it slightly out.

Rolling up the sleeves of the oversized tee

3. Roll up the sleeves

Because the sleeves are quite oversized as well, I like to fold them up.

I specifically paired the t-shirt with these medium-light wash jeans because when it comes to a very oversized t-shirt, if you pair it with the same color as your bottoms, you end up losing your shape.

How to wear an oversized graphic tee with jeans

4. Let the graphic show

Here, I’ve done the same trick with a different tee. When it comes to the graphic showing, I’m not too bothered by it.

But with this t-shirt, what I decided to do was take it from where the graphic ends and then pull it up from there. That way, the full graphic is out.

Tucking a long t-shirt into a bra

5. Tuck the tee into your bra

This t-shirt is quite long but not as wide. If you are wearing a bra, you can tuck the bottom of the shirt into the bra to create a cropped look. 

Tying a t-shirt with a hair tie to crop it

6. Tie the bottom of the t-shirt with a hair tie

Alternatively, you can take a hair tie and wrap it around the front of the shirt.

Cropping a t-shirt using a hair tie

Then, fold that in to create a triangle from the bottom of your pants to your top.

How to tuck an oversized sweater into jeans

7. How to tuck in an oversized sweater into jeans

These dark green jeans are a little big on me, but they actually fit me better with an oversized sweater tucked into them.

I’ve styled them with a beige knit sweater, added a gold buckle belt, and then I’m just pulling the sweater out.

Tip: If you have a top that is very thick, then you want to go for a darker material on the bottom so that the bulge won't be as noticeable.

How to style an oversized sweatshirt

8. Don't tuck at all!

If you’re wearing an oversized sweatshirt with skinny or mom jeans, that can just look great how it is. That's often how I like to style oversized sweaters. 

Tying a flannel shirt around the waist

9. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist

If you do want to tuck it in, then I’m wearing a pair of jeans that don’t have so much give so this is going to create a lot of bulging.

Next, I’m going to put a belt on this just to dress the look up a bit more from just a sweatshirt and jeans.

Finally, I’m taking an oversized flannel shirt and tying it around my waist to hide the bulge. I’ve tied it above the belt so that the belt pops out.

Even the bulge at the front is covered by the sleeves of the flannel that hang down over it.

How to tuck in an oversized shirt

I hope you’ve found this tutorial on how to style oversized t-shirts, tops, sweaters, and sweatshirts helpful.

If you find a piece that you like but it's slightly big on you, with these tips and tricks you can make it work for you so that it will be super cute.

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    Lots of cute ideas! The flannel shirt, that you tied around your waist in your last example: one shirt or two sewn together?? Did you make it? Debby