Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Belt Loops

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It's always a question of when is the right time to tuck your shirt into your jeans. An easy "rule" to follow is if the shirt has a straight hem then don't tuck it.

If the shirt has a deep curved hem, then you should tuck it. If the shirt has a somewhat curved hem then you can do either one - tuck or no tuck.

Do you even tuck your shirts into your jeans? If so this is an alternative that gives less bulk and a more slimming look.

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Shirt tucking hack

Tuck one end of the shirt into your belt loop on your left hip.

Shirt tucking hack

Tuck the other side of the shirt through the belt loop on your right hip.

Shirt tucking hack

Pull up the sides of your shirt through the loops and tuck them in.

Shirt tucking hack

Notice how the shirt now pulls more at the ends instead of the bulk that is usually in the front from tucking in your shirt.

Shirt tucking hack

Shirt tucking hack

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  • Shan Shan on Oct 04, 2023

    This wonderful fashion idea is obviously not for cropped tees - but these little longer ‘’boxy’’ tees that have an even hemline but make us look a bit less desirable than we’d like can be salvaged here - yay! I’ve noticed recently in some upscale catalogs that might add to this when and if the time is right: Fold a long scarf in two such the the crease is where your jeans’s top button is. Open the scarf at your waist and run each end through the front belt loops on either side then back toward the same belt loops as the tee; bring it back toward the front again to run again thru the front loops, then tie in the front. It looks like a belt without the bulk --and is more sophisticated.

  • Corinne Price Kinsman Corinne Price Kinsman on Nov 06, 2023

    I always thought tucking it in the front looked ridiculous! This tucking idea is cute