Do This When Your Shirt is Long but You Don't Want to Tuck

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Is your shirt too long, but you don’t want to tuck it into your jeans?

I’ve got a great shirt hack for you. In this two-step tutorial, I’ll show you a super neat way to “tuck in” your shirt and reduce some of its length without your attire feeling too formal, stiff, or even form-fitting if you prefer a more modest look.

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Pulling one side of hem through belt loop

1. Pull one side of the hem through a belt loop

Take a piece of the side of the hem of your shirt and pull it through a belt loop on the front of your jeans.


2. Tuck the tail underneath your waistband

Take the tail and pull it underneath your t-shirt so it’s hidden inside, and then tuck the tail only (not your shirt!) into your waistband.

Shirt hack

The small knot in the front where the shirt is bunched up adds some interesting texture and really cute detail to what may be an otherwise boring t-shirt.

Not only is it a super cute and easy hack, but, because the hem of your shirt is secured in your belt loop, it’s also useful in preventing the shirt from riding up!

It’s a beautiful way to do modest fashion without feeling boxy with your top tucked in. If you try this hack out, let me know your thoughts on it down below!

Shirt hack

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