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Pumpkin spice is the scent for fall. I used an essential oil blend called Essence of Pumpkin Pie to recreate my favorite fall scent to make this easy hand soap recipe.

Making your own liquid soap from scratch is really easy, and it saves a lot of money. We use a lot of hand soap, and it really adds up in my monthly budget. Now I just stock up on liquid castile soap.
You'll need:

I used a blend of essential oils because it's a lot easier to use than trying to measure out four different oils by the drop. This blend smells amazing, so I'll be using it in several projects.
First, I add distilled water to my empty soap container. It's important to use distilled water or boil tap water and let it cool completely to kill germs. Then I added the vitamin E oil and sweet almond oil.
Then I added the pumpkin spice essential oil blend.
And finally add the liquid castile soap. I add it last so it doesn't bubble up. I don't shake it, but I do swirl it from side to side to mix the ingredients.
This can separate, so you might want to shake it from side to side to mix it up if you see it separate.

For more tips and different carrier oils or essential oils to use, visit my blog post. 
Suggested materials:
  • Liquid castile soap
  • Essence of Pumpkin Pie Essential Oils
  • Sweet almond oil
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