Pumpkin Spice Rebatched Soap

My neighbor travels for weeks or months at a time, so he accumulates a lot of soap samples. He gives them to me, and we use them and donate some. I decided to repurpose them in to a pretty pumpkin spice soap.
You can either grate the soap or cut it. I cut it because I don't like grating it, and I was fine with having bigger chunks in my soap. I think it gives it a great texture. If you want a uniform color, you can grate it. I just carefully slice off the soap, and most of it turns in to a powder.
I used a canning jar ring to create a double boiler. I put the ring in the bottom of a saucepan half filled with water. Then set a Pyrex measuring up on the ring so the warm water melts the soap.
I used 1 cup of soap flakes and half of a cup of water. My soap was very dry. If your soap isn't dry, you might not need any water, or you may need just a tablespoon. Melt your soap and see what it looks like.
It should be a semi-liquid. It won't be a true liquid soap that you can pour, but it will be flexible. Add water slowly. If you add too much, it will just take longer to dry.
Using hot pads, remove the Pyrex cup from the water and place on a heat proof surface or a hot pad. Add half of a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and food coloring if desired. Give it a good stir. By now, it will be starting to set up. You probably won't be able to pour it in a mold, but you can spoon it in the mold.
Let cool completely. I stick it in the fridge for half an hour to finish setting up. It should pop right out of the mold. Let sit until dry. This can be a day or up to a week if you added a lot of water.

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