Make a Fabulous DIY Mask From an Old Mask

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Let’s talk about making an easy DIY face mask. I know there are ample face masks that are considerably more convenient to buy, but these masks not only harm the environment but are not so cost-effective either. If you have to keep on buying them, then think about the accumulated costs after a year. This is why I’ll be showing you in this DIY face mask tutorial how to sew a DIY face mask easily; so that you can re-use it without spending any more money. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Old, one-use mask
  • Fabric
  • Pin
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker
  • Matching thread
Make a DIY face mask

Make the pattern

Using your old face mask as a guide, take the mask apart by snipping off the elastic and taking apart the pleated sides. Then, pin the mask down to your fabric.

How to make a DIY face mask

Add a 1 cm (0.4 inches) seam allowance on either side and a 1 ½ cm (0.6 inches) seam allowance on the top and bottom. 

Sew a DIY face mask

With a fabric marker, make a mark where the pleats will be, using the existing pleats as a guide.

How to sew a DIY face mask

Once you’re satisfied with this, cut out the rectangle. 

DIY face mask tutorial

Simple DIY face mask

Secure the edges

First thing’s first, secure the edges with a strong zigzag stitch as shown above. 

Easy DIY face mask

Make the pleats

Using the marks you made earlier as a guide, fold the pleats on either side and press the folds in place. 


You can use ponds to secure the pleats. It’s all a matter of preference. 

Add the elastic

My elastic is relatively thin; if yours is the same, I recommend hand sewing each end on the edges of the DIY face mask. 

Modify the face mask

Begin by folding over each side to create an encasing. Pin, and sew to secure. 

Now, stitch the top and bottom parts by folding the fabric a few inches in, pinning, and stitching in place. This will give your easy DIY face mask a lovely finish and hide the elastic's short ends.

Optional- Add a boho design

Ok, so basically, we are done with the DIY face mask tutorial. I, however, wanted to take this DIY face mask project up a notch and add a cool boho-like feel to it. So, I took some yarn and a thread and added some double stitching across the top and bottom edges. 

I drew out a cool zigzag design for the bottom edge and threaded a zigzag stitch, as shown. I also used a pink thread to give a nice contrast to the mask itself. 

How easy was that? Your very own DIY face mask is complete. I also went a step further and added some lovely beads, as shown. This easy DIY face mask is beautiful, unique, and will go a long way in these challenging times. Now that you know how to sew a DIY face mask, what colors and designs will you choose?

Suggested materials:
  • Single-use mask
  • Fabric
  • Pin
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  • Gan Gan on Jan 21, 2022

    __Thank you for this article; I love the idea of the embellishment!

    __This mask is only for looks if it's just the single layer shown.

    __Fabric masks are ineffective if less than three layers unless this is to be used over a surgical or N95/KN95 mask. These would be perfect for that - so pretty!

    __The ear loops on disposable masks are made to be disposable, too. They won't hold up to required repeated hand-washing of these masks (forget using the machine)

  • Jan33293040 Jan33293040 on Jan 21, 2022

    Love this idea, but I also used the wire out of the old mask too and added another second piece of material to make it double layered. I fixed the two pieces together when I did the edges, than pleated them together before sewing them into place with the elastic ear pieces. Jane O Australia