Do This for Stronger and Thicker Hair!

by Shalini

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This is a routine to do BEFORE you shower. This helps your hair to be stronger and thicker and overall in better health. Hope you enjoy!

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All you need is some hair and scalp oil. You can do this with any brand you like but me personally, I like Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang Hair & Scalp Oil as shown above.

It contains pressed virgin coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and ylang ylang essential oil. The coconut oil nourishes the hair, the aloe vera softens the hair and the ylang ylang just smells good. If you use another oil make sure it has coconut and aloe vera would be my key recommendation.

Warm the oil a little before using.

Now dip a cotton ball into your warm oil

Use the cotton ball to apply the oil to your roots and also the longer part of your hair

Then follow the 4 finger rule and do a scalp massage further spreading the oil

Put your hair into a braid and leave it for about 30-minutes.

Finally wash your hair and BAM! It's so much shinnier and healthier.

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  • Ron Ron on Nov 17, 2023

    Just wanted to mention, if you happen to have a cat that likes to groom your hair then you may want to avoid aloe vera products. They are poison to your cat.

  • Evanea Phelps Evanea Phelps on Nov 18, 2023

    I make it from different oils and apply to my scalp with a root bottle. I like almond oil on the hair itself, just a little, to treat it overnight or before washday. I use castor, rosemary, and teatree in a base oil I switch up. Sometimes olive sometimes coconut etc.