How I Make My Thin and Short Hair Look Like More

Mandy Sims
by Mandy Sims
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Here’s how to make thin and fine hair like mine look thick and full. It just takes a hair tie and a claw clip for a casual, flattering updo.

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Tools and materials:

  • Hair tie
  • Claw clip
Tying ponytail

1. Ponytail

Draw all your hair back into a ponytail. Don’t pull it too tight on top.

Securing hair

Secure it with a hair tie.

Thin ponytail

If your hair is like mine, your ponytail might look a bit thin and scraggy, but don’t worry! We’re not finished yet.

Pulling hair up

2. Pull up

Pull the top of the ponytail behind the tie up and forwards, to create more volume in the front.

Adding claw clip

3. Claw clip

Use a claw clip to fasten the tail of the ponytail to your head while continuing to push your hair up and forwards.

Loosening hair

4. Loosen up

Fan out the top of the loop. Aim for a slightly messy look.

Loosening hair

Pull some of your hair in front of the ponytail forwards as well, to make it look fuller.

How I make my thin and short hair look like more

How I make my thin and short hair look like more

Your hair looks full and bouncy and no one but you needs to know how thin it really is.

This style looks great on medium to long hair, so give it a try.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair tie
  • Claw clip

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  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jul 24, 2023

    Absolutely beautiful. I have exceptionally thin hair, long, but 'sparse', and have a difficult time keeping even small clips on my head. 😒 However, I will try your technique to see if it works in my case. Thanks for posting. BTW you have gorgeous hair!