This Hairstyle is so Easy It Can Become Part of Your Weekly Routine

Mandy Sims
by Mandy Sims

Ponytail Day, Messy Bun Day, Braids Day, Repeat

Doing our hair shouldn't be a boring routine we have. There are several hairstyles out there that are relatively simple and can be added into the rotation. This one takes less than 5 minutes and is easy to replicate.

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Using a comb with a sharp end grab a small section of hair from the middle of your head (use the pointy side of your comb to make it easier to split your hair)

Wrap that section in a small rubber band

Take a piece of hair from the left and the right side of the ponytail and cross them to the other side and pull the ponytail down

Wrap the two crossed pieces of hair into a small rubber band behind the first ponytail

Flip the ponytail back over and you're done

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