Straight to Volume Curls With 3 Claw Clips on Wet Hair...So Easy!

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Hello Straight and Limp Hair Girls...Are You ready to get Crazy Voluminous Curls Overnight with Little to No Effort???

All You Need are 3 Hair Claw Clips on Wet Hair...

Ready? Let's Go!!

What You Need: 3 Hair Claw Clips.

Hair Claw Clips - Set of 3...Amazon LINK.

How to Get Crazy Voluminous Curls on Straight Hair:

First - Wash/Wet Your Hair.

Next: I learned this trick from my blow dry...just section the hair into 3 sections (sides and back)…Gather up each Section and Clip in Place on Top of Your Head with the Hair Claw Clips.

With the hair firmly clipped, allow to dry. Overnight makes the job Simple and Fuss-Free...Curly Hair While You Sleep...or Sun-Dry.

Once the Hair is Dry...

Gently Remove the Claw Clips...

One Clip at a Time...

Now Pull Your Fingers Up through the Hair and Fluff Each Section...

And Marvel at Your Voluminous Curls...

It's Fun to Pull Up the Curls and Secure into a Twist with One Clip for a Neat, Fun, Tendril Curls Look...

Great for Work...Great for Play...Super Cool in Hot Weather...Curls!!

Super Easy to Do...It's All About the Clips!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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  • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! on Nov 07, 2023

    Hi Karen. To clarify, I gently roll up the 3 sections from the ends to the crown and I clip the roll at the crown if my head. Having the rolls at the crown makes it easy to sleep. In the morning the hair is dry and the curls are done. Hope this explanation helps. Thanks Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

  • Wanda Wanda on Nov 08, 2023