The Best Way to Slick Back Baby Hairs for Curly Hair

If you haven't noticed I have very thick curly hair. While it looks beautiful when it's fresh and curly it can be ALOT to manage and brush. I rock the messy looks with ease but anything "slick back" is a little harder. Here's my hack for getting the slicked back look.

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Start with a loose ponytail we're going to re-do it

Then grab a toothbrush and dab it in some hair gel

Lightly tap the baby hair but avoid pressing down on your head

Try to apply a small amount of gel on the larger baby hairs first

Then once you've applied the gel evenly throughout the hair you can press the toothbrush down. If you were to press down immediately you could over apply too much gel in one area.

Then using a brush with thick and hard bristles brush back all the baby hair

Now undo your ponytail and redo it using that same brush

Here's my final look. Notice I have alot less baby hairs exploding everywhere

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  • Jaejae Jaejae on Jun 25, 2023

    Why such a hostile response? I know it’s a “curly hair” thing, I just never thought to use a toothbrush to shape the “baby” hair around my face, and just wanted to thank you for posting. Good luck to you.

  • Angele Sanders Angele Sanders on Jun 25, 2023

    Please stop the nonsense. Scroll and move on if you don’t like or have an issue with a post. There is no need to jump on someone like that, it is unnecessary. It took more of your energy to comment than it would have if you had just scrolled on, negativity is not helpful, and women should stop treating each other like this. We all have enough problems. #Bekind

    Thank you Sarah for your tip. My grey hair could use a little help getting in line.