Claw Clip Hack to Get Hold of ALL Your Hair!

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you my favorite claw clip hack to do a super cute and simple everyday updo. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Claw clip
Pulling hair back

1. Pull your hair back

Pull your hair back as if you were going to tie it into a ponytail.

Twisting ponytail

2. Twist the ponytail around your finger

Twist the ponytail around your index finger. 

Pulling hair off finger

3. Pull the hair off your finger

Wrap it all the way around and then use the opposite hand that is holding the rest of the ponytail to pull the twisted hair off of your finger.

Extending twisted loop

4. Extend the twisted loop

Holding on to the loop, pull up with your hand to loosen and extend the twist in your hair.

Clipping hair

5. Clip the twisted loop into place

Let go of the hand holding the rest of the ponytail and use it to clip the claw clip over the entire twisted portion of your hair.

Press down to tighten it in place. Adjust as needed to ensure all of it is secure inside the claw clip.

Tucking the tail

6. Tuck the tail into the clip

Twist the tail of the ponytail underneath the claw clip and then tuck it inside the clip alongside the rest of the hair.

Fluffing hair

7. Fluff out the top of the loop

Pinch and pull at the top of the twisted loop to make it appear fuller.

Claw clip hack

Claw clip hack

Here’s the finished updo! Let me know what you think about this cute claw clip hack down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Claw clip

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  • Carolyn Carolyn on Apr 27, 2023

    Thanks for sharing!!! I willgivethis a try....hope it looks as good as yours!

  • Wendy Kaloski Wendy Kaloski on Jan 08, 2024

    There is no way I could do this. I need easier styles and hacks for long-ish hair.