I Love to Wear My Natural Gray Hair in a Bun Like THIS

2 Materials
5 Minutes

I love to wear my natural gray hair in a bun, so I decided to show you how I do it!

This is a really easy way to create a sophisticated looking bun in next to no time. So, let’s just get started!

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Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastic
  • Hair pins

1. Start with a ponytail

Put all your hair into a high ponytail to begin this style.

Flipping ponytail

2. Flip your ponytail

Loosen your ponytail so have room between your head and the hair elastic to make a hole in the center of your hair.

Making hole

Use your finger to make a large hole.

Pulling ponytail through hole

Then, pull your ponytail up through that hole.

Pulling on ponytail

Pull on your ponytail to tighten the hair elastic.

Braiding ponytail

3. Braid your ponytail

Tip your head forward, so your braid falls in front of your face. 

Separate your ponytail into three sections, and make a traditional braid.

Braiding ponytail

Secure the braid at the bottom with a hair elastic.

Loosening braid

Loosen your braid with your fingers.

Turning braid into a bun

4. Turn your braid into a bun

Starting at the bottom, roll your braid up to the top of your head.

Securing bun

Secure your bun with hair pins.

Fluffing bun

Use your fingers to fluff out your bun a bit.

Cute bun hairstyle

Here’s the finished style from the front.

Cute bun hairstyle

And, from the back. 

Cute bun hairstyle

This is so sleek and professional-looking, your friends will think you’ve been to the salon. 

Give this a try, and leave a comment to let me know how it worked for you.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastic
  • Hair pins

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