How to Make Soap Petals

3 Materials
30 Minutes
I have eczema, and most soaps in public places make it flare up. I started making these soap petals so I could take soap with me in my purse. They can also be used in a guest bathroom, as a wedding favor, or even in a bath tub .
I used melt and pour soap and silk rose petals from the wedding favor section of the craft store. I melted the soap in the microwave and added my favorite fragrance oil.

I poked a pin through the soap petal so I could hold it and dip it in the soap. I then stuck the pin in a piece of styrofoam I had laying around so the petal didn't touch the bottom and let it cool. You can also lay the dipped petal on a piece of waxed paper, but your petals will have a flat spot on one side.
After the soap cooled, I removed the pin and smoothed over the hole in the petal.
These soap petals are great for keeping in your purse so you always have soap with you. I use them because of my eczema, but they've also come in handy for my kids when there's no soap in a public restroom.
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Suggested materials:
  • Silk rose petals
  • Melt and pour soap   (Bolek's Craft Supplies)
  • Fragrance Oil   (Bolek's Craft Supplies)

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