Hack for Your Perfume Smell to Last Longer

I love perfume and unfortunately I really love the expensive kind. A nice smell can cost alot so we want it to last when we use it. This is my hack for making your perfume smell last longer.

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First DON'T put on your perfume yet!

Grab some normal vaseline NO SCENT!

Apply a small amount of Vaseline on your pulse points.

Behind the ear on the neck like this (do both sides)

Another pulse point is on your wrists like this (do both sides)

TIP: other points are a small amount in the middle of your chest but I am wearing a necklace and not doing this one

Now spray perfume over the spots you just put Vaseline

Be sure to spray both sides.

TIP: Sometimes I will do a spray in my hair and flip it. Your hair carries the scent longer as well and then smells good whenever you flip your hair that night

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